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The big North American International Auto Show represents hundreds of millions of dollars of economic activity. There are displays needed to be built, attractive product specialists to be hired, and Jumbotron screens to be rented. More than 5,000 media members from around the world are credentialed for the show. In the two days of the media preview, busy video and audio production teams work behind the scenes at the press conferences and caterers prepare food for the ravenous auto journos. Besides what goes on inside Cobo Hall, there is also spin-off business from those visiting journalists and others from out of town working the show needed lodging, food and entertainment.

Now a Detroit medical marijuana dispensary, The Clinic on Detroit’s famed Eight Mile Road, is trying to get a portion of that economic activity (and some free publicity too, I’m guessing) by running a special offer for people working at the show.

For the week of January 10-16, if you come to The Clinic and present your NAIAS credentials and a valid Michigan Medical Marihuana card, you’ll get a free gram of cannabis with any donation.

While I’m sure that some of my friends and colleagues in the media will seize this opportunity, the offer is good for all NAIAS credentials, including the tradesmen and women putting up the show and other support staff, product specialists, and people working for the car companies.

If the NAIAS issued you something to hang from your neck that allows you on the floor of Cobo, you qualify for the free weed.


In case you’re visiting the Detroit auto show from outside of Michigan and you’re hoping that a friend with a medical cannabis card will hook you up, journalistic integrity compels me to tell you that the law in Michigan does not allow medical marijuana patients to transfer their medicine to other people. Journalistic integrity also compels me to tell you that judging by the fact that you can see cars full of people waiting near dispensaries, that part of the law is widely ignored.

Note: Photos used for illustration purposes only. No views implied or endorsed by the author.

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31 Comments on “Attending the Detroit Auto Show? Here’s Some Free Weed...”

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    I’m sure that Henry’s hemp car was legit but seeing this all I can think of is Cheech and Chong with their van catching fire.

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    Is there a large overlap between car journalist and weed smoker? I mean obviously everyone from Jalopnik will partake, but the older publications don’t seem like that kind of people.

    I should have saved my crack-cocaine questions from the other day for this article.

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    What our lazy, sedentary, uninspired, unmotivated, welfare dependent society needs is legalized pot and goods manufactured overseas from hemp.

    Three cheers for us.

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      Well, they re-legalized whiskey.

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      And while the pot debate rages, meanwhile the people on the streets everywhere from Compton to Cornville, USA have discovered that the new and improved heroin is so much more efficient to overdose on, or to just generally destroy your life and that of the people around you. Almost makes the lazy stoners look quaint and harmless by comparison.

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        It’s sad, I have a chronic pain issue in the form of carpal tunnel in my right hand and I type/write/teach for a living. It’s brutal and this summer I’ll get it repaired (I had the left done several years ago). But the pain in my right thumb, index and middle finger is amazing, I go from numb to on fire, to just unbearable. But I refused Oxy and Neurontin because I don’t want to become dependent, I do take some neurontin when it becomes truly unbearable (probably once or twice a week). But I can see how easy it is to fall into that prescription pill trap, a lingering pain turned to near euphoric pleasure is a hard thing to resist.

        Heroin is just a cheaper opioid than Oxy is and now that it’s starting to destroy white suburbia we suddenly care…

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      Anyone who thinks pot is harmless, hasn’t had to deal with chronic pot users.

      And anyone who wants to compare pot with booze…it makes as much sense as comparing aspirin with Viagra. Both cases…two entirely different drugs.

      If hemp-resin were a better industrial material, it would have been adopted. As aluminum was. As plastic was.

      • 0 avatar

        Hemp has many industrial uses and they’re all legitimate. You cannot get high off Hemp. Quit spreading nonsense. Oh, and personal anecdotes do not make a community truth, though I’m sure it’ll net you a bunch of high fives from CoreyDL.

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        Keep going. But before you do, why don’t you explain how alcohol and pot are so different? Other than the fact that one can’t smoke themselves to death.

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          ” Keep going. But before you do, why don’t you explain how alcohol and pot are so different? Other than the fact that one can’t smoke themselves to death.”

          Different pharmacological actions – obviously. As aspirin is different from pennicillin or antidepressants. “Drugs” are a wide cross-section

          Also, there are different times to clear the bloodstream. Hours versus weeks.

          I’d get into detail…but drug users aren’t able nor interested in biochemistry. Anything longer than a bumper sticker loses their attention.

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            “I’d get into detail…but drug users aren’t able nor interested in biochemistry. Anything longer than a bumper sticker loses their attention.”

            Of course not. Well, other than the one I know with a Ph.D. in biochemistry.

            You’d probably also be surprised to know that the heaviest pot smoker of all my friends has a mechanical engineering degree and made $400k last year running a drilling rig.

            So the potential is there. I bet if they cleaned up they could become as successful as you.

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        What stopped the industrial use of hemp, whose fibers are strong and can be made into ropes and fabric, besides the illegal status of the plant, was the introduction of nylon and other synthetic fibers. Strains of cannabis suitable for making hemp don’t produce much in the way of resin. To make body panels, as in the Lotus, woven hemp replaces glass fiber, reinforced with plastic.

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    Hemp plastic, 10x stronger than steel in 1937? And never found use in the war because of “power hungry tyrants”? Sorry, guys; I’m filing this one with the 100mpg carburetor.

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    Big Al from Oz

    A hemp car?

    What about a hemp plane?

    A group named the “Cargo Cult” made airplanes out of vegetative material.

    From WWII. So WWII did have an impact!

    “During WWII the Americans built air bases on South Pacific islands which held natives that had never seen technological advancements before. Cargo planes brought food & medicine that was shared with the natives. When the Americans left, the islands were forgotten until the 1960’s when the anthropologists arrived. What they found was astonishing. The natives had built models of the airports out of vegetative materials, believing this would bring the planes back. This Cargo religion still exists.”

    Hopefully the link works, I wonder if it can fly?

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    Lotus and hemp, almost perfect.

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    Ron B.

    They were smoking a lot of hemp when they came up with the design for the car but I was always reading that the car was in fact made from Soy based stuff, not hemp. Is this some sort of new world order lie to rewrite history? ……man.

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    Jeff S

    If Ford’s hemp idea caught on then our country would really be going to pot. This car would have been eco-friendly because once the car is no longer serviceable then you can smoke it. Ford had a better idea.

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    Industrial hemp production is a far different animal than medicinal/drug use. The main reason why hemp fell out of favor was petro-plastics were cheap (I mean, DIRT CHEAP) since they used basically the heavier particles while leaving behind the Kerosene/Gasoline for use in fuels. It was a win-win for the auto industry and while they did have some help from congress outlawing it, it was as much social conservatism as corporate interests.

    Mary Jane isn’t the cure all people claim it to be but it should hold a place in the pantheon of treatments we use. As for the return to industrial hemp….sure? We’ve moved to bioplastics that could benefit from hemp production but it’s still isn’t going to solve everything. The pie-in-the-sky attitude towards weed is really obnoxious because it isn’t that great of a drug but it serves a purpose and should be treated as a tool like any other.

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      This post is incredibly sensible and almost… libertarian. Have you miss your dose of Prozium, Cleric?

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        You’re confusing Libertarianism with a capital L which is dominated by business-as-usual Republicans who claim to want free market capitalism but really want to just support the current regime with small-L libertarianism which promotes the liberties of all individuals at the loss of corporate power.

        If I sound ‘libertarian’ it’s because I support the people via government, not via corporate power. To point, the shift away from hemp via government legislation was an act of conservative corporate power. You’re really just agreeing with the socialism under guise of your own view. :)

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      “it isn’t that great of a drug”

      It’s certainly no propofol.

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