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The EPA notified Volkswagen yesterday that certain models equipped with the 3-liter diesel engine were in violation of emissions regulations by being equipped with a defeat device. The list of affected models does not contain a range of production years as with the previous models that were found to be in violation, but only one specific year for each model.

Owners and enthusiasts are puzzled that the only year of the Touareg listed as affected is 2014 since the model did not change much from the preceding year. One theory is that the EPA has not listed all of the affected models yet and that more would be affected in the future.

The owners are right to be confused as the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) equipment for the Touareg TDI shows the same part numbers from 2011 thru 2014 and the engine computer shows the same part number for 2013 and 2014. Most of the hardware listed for the 2014 model year is listed as interchangeable between the 2013 and 2015 models. The 2015 may have an updated version of the software which is legal, but that still leaves a big question mark on how the 2013 model was able to pass as well.

More confusion came late yesterday as Volkswagen issued a release and denied the allegations that illegal software was present. Their statement directly contradicted the EPA’s release which described the cheat in detail.

[Image Credit: Jason Lawrence/Flickr/CC BY 2.0]

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16 Comments on “Touareg Enthusiasts Confused About Emissions Violation...”

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    That building gets photographed a lot. It’s in lots of movies and shows that feature a “NY street scene.” Usually in a cut between scenes to show locale.

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      I think the office where Matt Damon learns to speak 7 European languages badly and to throat chop people is in that building.

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        WHOA! You mean 415 East 71st Street (as opposed to 9/13/1968)?

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          Is that Bourne’s birth date? Otherwise I don’t get this comment, at all!

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            Corey, Pam Landy PRETENDS his birth date is 4/15/1971 – she knows others are listening, and she therefore sneaks in the address of the training facility, “Where it all began.” Someone on staff recognizes his actual birthday, which is the 1968 one. This leads to more drama. Also, Pamela Landy kicks ass. Noah Vosen sucks.

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            Ah okay, it has been a while since I saw any of those. She is cool though, from that other movie that goes from B&W to color.

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    I expect that the EPA has not dug deep into the bowels of VW’s parts system (and if parts received programming changes without a number change) and have only released a formal letter on cars they’ve actually completed testing on.

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      I agree, at this point I’d bet the EPA is or has rounding up a copy of each vehicle equipped with a diesel engine by model year and all of them will be run through the wringer to see if there is a point where they go from cheat mode into the regular mode. We’ll see more and more models added to the list.

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    Just because the computer has the same part number means nothing. It is the software calibration that is the issue and that is loaded onto the computer when it is installed in the vehicle.

    The fact that the catalyst is the same also doesn’t mater as it is the calibration that determines the DEF dosing and those just how effective that catalyst will be in the real world.

    Based on the fact that VW’s initial fix when they were first caught was a new calibration that just extended the length of time the vehicle remained in cheat mode the EPA is certainly going though and testing each and every vehicle as they have the time an available vehicle.

    Every few days we should be seeing another model year/vehicle combination added to the non compliant list.

    VW cheated not because they had to to meet the standards they cheated to gain an advantage in the market place by having diesels with better fluid economy and power than the competition.

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      You are absolutely correct and I looked at a few of the calibrations and SW versions and there appear to be many out there for the EDC17CP44 Bosch ECU that is used in these cars. The 2013 and 2014 model both run the 7P0907401K hardware but there are a few variants of the SW numbers.

      I am leaning toward the theory that they have not tested the 2013 model yet as it seems unlikely that they had compliant software for the 2013 model and then decided to cheat with the 2014 and then go back to complaint software again in 2015.

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        Since the cheating on other vehicles started before 2014 I can not imagine that the 2013 version of this power train was compliant.

        The biggest thing about this is that it more or less proves that this cheating was dictated from above. Fact is that there would be a different set of engineers working on the different calibrations for the different engines, so much for the lone rouge engineer explanation.

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    I think your theory is correct Doctor. These enthusiasts are about to go from confused to bewildered and angry.

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    Car Ramrod

    Hold on, there are Touareg enthusiasts?

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