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2017 Infiniti QX30 Reveal Los Angeles-5

* Assuming a “cut” is a unit of measurement equaling 3/4 of an inch.

The night before the opening of the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show, Infiniti invited media to check out its new crossover darling: the 2017 QX30.

Calling it a crossover might be a stretch as the new model is but a mere 0.75-inches taller than the Q30 (which is 0.75-inches taller than the Q30 S) on which it’s based. Same with calling it an Infiniti, as anyone who’s spent time in a Mercedes-Benz GLA will attest. Daimler touches are everywhere.

“But,” said Roland Krüger, president of Nissan’s luxury marque, “once you drive it, you’ll immediately know it’s an Infiniti.”

What Krüger means by that is very much open to interpretation. However, differentiating the newest compact crossover from that of its frenemy is paramount to making it successful.

2017 Infiniti QX30 Reveal Los Angeles-9

On the styling front, at least the QX30 looks radically different from the GLA, wearing Infiniti’s angry corporate face and sultry headlights. Below that grille sits a faux skid plate that’s more jewelry than workwear. Even compared to its lesser (or lower, at least) Q30 siblings, Infiniti’s new crossover has a slightly more butch lower fascia.

2017 Infiniti QX30 Reveal Los Angeles-10

Powering the QX30’s four wheels in the U.S. will be a 2-liter turbocharged engine, though specifics of that engine were not released. In international markets, the 2-liter DIG turbo gasoline engine found in the Q30 develops 208 horsepower and 258 lbs-ft of torque, so expect the same or similar output for the U.S.-spec QX30. All-wheel drive will be exclusive to the QX30 on our shores. If you want front-wheel drive, Infiniti will gladly sell you a Q30 or Q30 S.

Even though the Q30 is available with a manual elsewhere, the QX30 will be an automatic-only affair in North America. The same seven-speed dual-clutch box found in the GLA will make a home in the QX30.

That’s not the only piece of Germany you’ll find in Infiniti’s new compacts. The door-mounted seat switches and instrument panel display is straight-up Mercedes.

2017 Infiniti QX30 Reveal Los Angeles-12

During a walkaround of the crossover with Infiniti Executive Design Director Alfonso Albaisa, he alluded to the cost of changing the location of the door-mounted switches being prohibitive and not really adding much value for customers at the end of the day. Making such a change would cost Infiniti an unnecessary six-figure sum if the automaker were to reroute the wiring and move the switches to the seat, where they’re typically found, and be an additional cost that would have to be born later by customers.

2017 Infiniti QX30 Reveal Los Angeles-13

The only major difference on the inside between the new Infiniti QX30 and its shorter siblings is a unique interior color, “Café Teak,” which is a brown Nappa leather, and is limited to the QX30.

We’ll have more on the QX30 closer to its launch date in Summer 2016. Until then, here’s some photos of what may very well be Infiniti’s best-selling model in the future.

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18 Comments on “LA 2015: 2017 Infiniti QX30 Is a Cut (or Two)* Above the Rest...”

  • avatar

    Latina bait.

    Demographically, Nissan is targeting the right North Americans.

  • avatar

    I am sickened to look at this thing. Is this the production variant? That greenhouse is CRIMINALLY short. Its gone beyond just aesthetically appeal. How the heck can you see out of this blob.

  • avatar

    I’m sure it will be cheaper than the MB equivalent and maybe better in every way but it will be missing one essential feature – the three poninted star badge. Who wants to buy an entry level Infiniti?

  • avatar
    SCE to AUX

    The GLA is infinitely better-looking.

  • avatar

    You know, I wonder about this Nappa leather thing.

    Napa (one p) California is where Napa leather originally came from.

    According to Wikipedia, Napa leather is made from real dead animal skins, while Nappa (two p’s) leather is the fake vinyl stuff.

    So which does this QX30 have? Napa leather or Mercedes Artico vinyl, the stuff formerly known as MB Tex?

    Perhaps it’s all a corruption of Napa to Nappa by people over the years who couldn’t spell. But one thing is for sure, whatever seat material this QX30 has, it sure is one overstyled little bag o’ sh*t. Not a square inch left for even one more crease of shame.

    • 0 avatar

      I wonder how leather, even fake leather, became a luxury touch. The earliest use of automotive leather was due to its durability and low expense. Once cars became fully enclosed, it was replaced with durable, inexpensive mouse fut fabric. The high point of auto interiors was the 1970’s era of crushed velour in a kaleidoscope of colors. Now we’re stepping backward to fake leather that costs more than the original real stuff, along with the return to wagon wheels.

  • avatar

    Every time I see a GLA,and this thing looks enough alike that it will apply here too, I can’t help but think it is what results when a designer tries to draw a current production Hyundai Elantra GT while on an acid trip.

    I drive an Elantra GT,and a coworker used to drive a GLA. parked side by side they were almost identically sized, with the GLA being almost perceptibly taller.

  • avatar

    *Positive comment from the likes of I ahead*

    As hideous as this is on the outside (jellybean/wart hybrid), and as much as the exterior design compromises utility (cargo space, head room, etc.), –

    – it has really nice fit/finish and interior design.

    If only Cadillac could get 65% as close to this level of interior materials quality, fit/finish, gauge cluster design, colors and color combinations, texture, etc., even with their offering that cost much more.

  • avatar

    Please, oh Great Auto Industry, more central gauge clusters with the speedo on the left! That way one-handing the wheel with my right hand doesn’t block it.

    Who the sam hill needs to see the tach?

  • avatar

    I think the Mercedes is more of a looker than this. The Diamond Star is worth more to me as well.

    Sorry Infiniti, no sale. I probably wouldnt really have the Mercedes, either (not a crossover fan, would choose a real SUV or a pickup instead), but between the two, its my pick as far as style and badge snob appeal.

  • avatar

    “The door-mounted seat switches and instrument panel display is straight-up Mercedes.”

    Not really true RE: seat switches. The very first Infiniti, the big ol’ Q45 had seat switches on the door in 1990.

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