By on November 18, 2015

Classic cars are the ultimate form of navel-gazing. And a car like the 1968 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale is the ultimate nerdgasm.

The 33 Stradale was so limited that when it rolled off the production line, no one knew how to fix it. Its composed of equal parts of unobtainium and eludium. Cars like this are harder to find than unicorns humping a rainbow.

At $10 million it’s hard to think that it’s anything other than comically overpriced. But when it starts up and screams like that, it’s hard to think about anything at all.

Oh my god I want one.

Excuse me while I go change my underpants.

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15 Comments on “LA 2015: 1968 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale is Beautiful, Angry (Video)...”

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    2.0 liter v8 with not much of an exhaust on it

    no wonder it sounds like that… sounds very flat plane too

    closest you’d get these days with sane money would be an Alfa Montreal

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    A stunning beauty indeed.

    I’m pretty sure that this thing has been voted the most beautiful cars of all time (as in, EVAR) a while ago by a panel of experts.

    Designed by a very young Giorgetto Giugiaro, BTW. The mark that this man has left on the automotive world is pretty incredible.

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    Few today are aware that Alfa 33s were once the World’s Fastest Tanning Booths.

    The Plexiglas Prowlers!

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      I thought the same thing couple days ago, when I was reading about a 55 Fairlane Crown Victoria Skyliner.

      Air conditioning was not an option.

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    I cannot even imagine how hot that car would be in an Italian summer.

    As to the nobody could fix it, come on now, a small displacement V8 with a quartet of Webers? Every other Italian dude in the 60s could work on that! Exotic compared to a ‘murican lump, but business as usual in Italy. Only thing that differed was the scale.

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    That little clip-on Alfa demi-grille is precious in a tinselly sort of way. Hinged and weighted, it would make a great door knocker.

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    More pics of the Typs 33 Stradale from the Detroit and Chicago auto shows earlier this year:

    Aaron, was this model working the LA show? More photographers were taking pics of the Typo 33 and her than of the 4C they were highlighting.×392.jpg

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    An idiot beerhead morlock who inherited his uncle’s house on my block has an ancient gas-powered edger that he’s too stupid/lazy to fix so keeping it running requires constant blipping of the throttle and sounds a lot like that video.

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    velvet fog

    Pink shirt guy is more interested in his phone than the stunning car in front of him. Probably writes for some men’s lifestyle magazine.

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    It was a beautiful car, but it’s not one of Alfa’s more distinctive cars. It looks like a period-correct Ferrari race car modified to be street legal.

    The headlights are not related to any of Alfa’s other products at the time, and the grille was just a metal piece slapped onto the race car body to say “BTW, this is an Alfa.” The side window is the only Alfa-like styling piece.

    That 2L V8 though.

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