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Subaru in Japan released Tuesday details on its face-lifted Forester, which will likely make its way to the States for 2017.

The slightly revised Forester sports an updated fascia, additional safety tech, improved interior materials, and two trim packages that may make the ride over. The Forester S-Limited and X-Break trims will be available in Japan, including the X-Break’s wild-ass* Quartz Blue Pearl, Tangerine Orange Pearl and Desert Khaki colors, lifted from the Crosstrek/Impreza/WRX.

A spokesman for Subaru in America didn’t comment on whether the cars would make their way to the U.S. (They probably will.)

The fancified grille and sharper lights up front headline the company’s changes to the car. If you looked really hard, you’d notice revised front fog lamps and slightly different tail lamps.

Inside, Subaru slightly changed the Forester’s interior, including heated rear seats and updated interior materials. The Forester will also sport the company’s latest EyeSight nerve farm; a combination of sensors and cameras that include adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist and emergency braking.

According to the automaker, the chassis has been stiffened over last year, and the Forester will sport improved rear trailing arm bushings. Subaru quickened the steering ratio from 15.5:1 to 14:1.

*Wild-ass for a car company that once considered automatic-down driver’s windows as a “significant” upgrade. 

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37 Comments on “Subaru Can Paint Cars Any Color They Want Now...”

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    Who cares about all that. Did they put the rear-trunk light on the ceiling and not at floor-level off to the right? Seriously, what the hell Subaru.

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    So, maybe orange? That’s nice but I expected much more from the headline.
    Does it still have the hill holder on manuals? My parents’ 06 has it and it stinks since it’s always on. I had a rental manual lately that only had it engage when I was in gear which was much better.

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    The additional chassis stiffness is good news. The Forester has never been a particularly stiff vehicle, especially with the monster moonroof.

    Looks like they’re getting good results from the “bold” side of the Crosstrek’s palette.

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    So by “any color” the headline really meant “three new colors.” Got it.

    The Forester is looking old these days, and I think it needs a complete re-do. It’s looked nearly identical since 2008.

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      It just got a complete re-do for 2014. The interior in particular improved considerably, from “below average for 2008” to “below average for 2013.” But the styling only changed a bit. Why mess with head-spinning success?

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        Because it looks tired! I realize it’s selling well, but not many cars make it nine MY without a complete exterior do-over.

        I mean, the XC90 did but look where that left Volvo.

        • 0 avatar

          The XC90 would have done fine with a new but similar-looking generation like the ’14 Fozzy… it didn’t get any real updates at all.

          On a mostly unrelated note, I’m having a hard time convincing myself that I shouldn’t spend a ludicrous amount of money to try to get this across the country:

          Cleanest one I’ve seen in forever. Not a SEi, but that means you get ridiculously durable cloth instead of dried-up, cracked leather.

          • 0 avatar

            I am VERY suspicious of that ad. No plate on it, so it’s at a dealer or other type, who would know the value of rare rust free old Honda. There are the weird symbols in the title as well. No phone number either, which is odd.

            If that were here in Ohio for $2500, it would be sold in 2 hours.

          • 0 avatar

            I agree. The environment doesn’t match the location of the ad, either. Seller would have to show me some fresh pictures with the current date before I’d bite.

            There’s another pretty good-looking one in Florida (although with the risk that removing old pinstripes would also remove old paint). But if an old Honda that clean has been there that long it seems likely something is seriously wrong mechanically.


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        Subaru does not need to be flamboyant to be a great auto maker. No extra Pontiac bumpers needed.

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    Land Ark

    It says “Subaru Can Paint Cars Any Color They Want Now”

    It doesn’t say they WILL. It also doesn’t say any color YOU want.

    That Quartz Blue is such a safe-bet-boring blue. It’s the gray of blues where light metallic blue is the silver of blues.

    • 0 avatar

      I do love such technicalities in my headlines.

      General Electric COULD go under tomorrow
      South Carolina HAS POSSIBILITY to fall off continental US
      FCA MIGHT build new Ramcharger

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    Thanks TTAC, I’ll probably going be getting that orange or blue one next year.

    • 0 avatar

      Only if they bring those colors to whatever country you live in (don’t be surprised if they don’t leave Japan).

      • 0 avatar

        US. I’m hoping for orange honestly…but we’ll probably see Blue if any of the trio leave Japan.

        EDIT: Since they’re all imported anyways there is a fair chance some of the blues will show up atleast and maybe some of the oranges if we’re lucky.

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    Where oh where does AC get his headlines? Hey, it’s all in fun- let’s just rename this site “The Spin About Cars.”

    Any automaker can paint their cars any color they want. It may be the last noticeable thing about them that’s not government regulated. In spite of that, they just seem to want to paint them white, black, gray or silver. I’m so bored with that, I just might look at Subaru if they offered a more interesting choice.

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      Aaron Cole

      Oh, goodness. Everything doesn’t need to be literal, all the time. My first head of “Subaru in Japan Paints New Forester Three Specific Colors That Story Outlines Below With Punctuation To Follow” didn’t fit, I suppose.

      • 0 avatar

        Well, your headline DOES suggest something like the Audi or BMW “yes, we will happily paint it any color you like, for a box of money” system.

        Which is … not remotely what they’re actually doing.

        I call the complaint mostly fair.

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      I found the original/working title (which is always still visible in the page, BTW) of “Subaru Previews Changes To 2017 Forester” to be so suitably dry for my tech-writing brain that I am now gasping for a drink.

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    I anticipate more shades of gray, dont let me down Subaru!

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    It’s a sad day in the automotive world when the Forester is available in a sportier range of colors than the new Miata..

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    It must have taken a lot of imagination to come up with the trim patterns for the back seats.

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    will any of the trim packages offer a power passenger seat? This is a deal breaker for my wife. She was interested in a Forester to replace our old Outback until I told her there’s no power passenger seat available.

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    Updated grill and lights that don’t look like an angry cartoon, muted interior upgrades, and enhanced safety and rigidity. How DO they continue to gain market share? /s

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    Well, it’s a start. I’m still waiting for two-tone and three-tone paint jobs to make a comeback. Above all, matching interiors! This gray/tan/black stuff is getting to me, and those colorful Pep Boys seat covers never fit right.

    • 0 avatar

      You can still get two-tone on a pickup! Tri-tone can go die in a fire, IMO.

      Gray/black/tan is a little blah, I’ll agree, but it’s easier to get at least one of those colors to match the outside than having two-tone white on seafoam green with the infamous Whorehouse Red interior.

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