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Teatro for Dayz

Nissan announced Monday that it would show in Tokyo a concept car that would be electric, charge devices and make all the kids search for it on TheInternet.web when they get home from school.

The Teatro for Dayz appears to be a Cube-ish subcompact, powered by electrons for some humans that Nissan’s marketing team are calling “share natives.” Nissan didn’t detail the car’s specifications, other than some pie-in-the-sky functions such as web cameras, LED displays on the outside and illuminated displays for something.

Interestingly, the car sports a steering wheel, pedals and won’t be autonomous, which suggests that some of the car could be rooted in reality. The EV boasts a “short range,” according to the automaker, and could actually be something that makes it on to the roads some day — hopefully without that name.

From concept to interior and exterior design, Teatro for Dayz is simple: a clean canvas. When the car is in drive mode, meters, controls and maps appear on a pure white instrument panel. When parked, Teatro for Dayz transforms into an entirely new device. The entire interior, starting with the instrument panel, becomes a live display for a generation wired for connectivity.

Nissan didn’t include specifics on the car, including wheelbase or powertrain information. The wraparound windows look like something we’ve seen before. Same goes for the windshield and boxy exterior.

Nissan stopped selling the Cube in the U.S. in 2014 (although you can still find some new examples in dealerships) and the car was last updated in 2008.

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18 Comments on “Did Nissan Cover Up the Next Cube in a Bunch of Tech?...”

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    I actually think an EV Cube that looks like that would sell well.

    I think I have to go take my medication now.

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    “share natives.”

    WTF? Are those kids indoctrinated to own nothing?

    BTW, Rubbermaid wants their dumpster wheels back.

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    I just threw up in my mouth!

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    I don’t get the cube hate? We have one, it’s my wife car and I can’t find fault with it as a comfortable town runabout.

    Seats are nice and the drivers side cup holder is awesome.

    It falls flat as a highway cruiser but it was never intended to be one. Even then it’s not *that* bad, the few times I’ve driven it work it wasn’t awful. You have to treat it like what it is – A mobile living room. Put on NPR, set the cruise, stay in the right lane, sip your coffee and relax. As a driving appliance it’s not a bad choice.

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      No hate here, never met a square vehicle I didn’t like.

      But the Cube just has *no* ground clearance. It snows a lot here.

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      My wife and I leased two Cubes from 2011-2013. I still think they were one of the best vehicles you could buy for $19k. Lots of features and cargo room.

      After our leases were over, we decided to upgrade to more luxurious vehicles (also a lot more expensive). My wife periodically mentions that she misses her Cube.

      That driver side cup holder, actually 11 cup holders, were very cool.

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        My wife loves her 2012 Cube SL, it’s an entirely inappropriate vehicle for our needs (We have twins) but she’s stated the only way I’m going to pry her out of the Cube is to put her in a Volvo XC70/90 which isn’t happening with their suspect reliability, plus I only have another year of payments on her car.

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      I like them. Wrapped in Mossy Oak or Real Tree, they might be the perfect portable hunting blind, if only they’d come in AWD.

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      I think the Cube is fine.

      My wife dislikes the aesthetics of it no much, she wouldn’t even look at one. She dislikes the asymmetric rear window, and goes on from there.

      But I think it looks like a practical little car with a coulple of funky touches. I’m not about to go out and buy one, but I appreciate that it exists and that its owners love it.

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    Side view – looks like it belongs on the head of a Ninja Turtle. Front view – one of those cute little pit crew cars from “Cars”.

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    Volt 230

    Soon to be on Cartoon network

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    SCE to AUX

    I see they put Kia’s tiger nose design language on the side.

    If that ends up being the Leaf 2.0, I’ll barf. Besides, Leaf 1.0 already had ‘short range’.

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    It seems a bit odd to assume the car will be Nissan Cube when the concept already shares its name with a different production Nissan (Dayz), nor is the concept in the same category of cars (a Kei, not a subcompact like all other Cubes).

    Does the author have any reason for this assumption apart from the vague squarish shape of the car (which would be the vast majority of cars in the Kei class)?

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    This car could be driven backwards and no one would notice.

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