Interbrand: Toyota Most Valuable Car Brand, Volkswagen Sinks

interbrand toyota most valuable car brand volkswagen sinks

Interbrand’s annual survey of Top 100 Brands lists Toyota as the most valuable car company (No. 6) with BMW and Mercedes-Benz the next most-valuable brands at Nos. 11 and 12, respectively. Volkswagen’s brand declined 9 percent, according to the survey, down to No. 35.

Mini entered the list for the first time at No. 98. Nissan was among the list’s significant gainers, gaining 19 percent and moving up to No. 49 on the list.

Apple was listed No. 1, ahead of Google and Coca-Cola. Apple’s brand value was estimated by the survey at $170 million.

According to Interbrand, automotive and technology companies comprised more than one-third of the total value of the brands listed in the top 100.

Among the automakers included on the list:

• Toyota (No. 6)

• BMW (No. 11)

• Mercedes-Benz (No. 12)

• Honda (No. 19)

• Volkswagen (No. 35)

• Ford (No. 38)

• Hyundai (No. 39)

• Audi (No. 44)

• Nissan (No. 49)

• Porsche (No. 56)

• Kia (No. 74)

• Chevrolet (No. 85)

• Land Rover (No. 87)

• Mini (No. 98)

The survey’s methodology calculates the financial performance of the brand, the brand’s overall influence and the profit potential of the brand.

[Image: Volkswagen]

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  • VoGo VoGo on Oct 05, 2015

    Not to sound like DW, but it's interesting to see that the 'Standard of the World' is missing from the Top 100. Kia, Nissan and Mini all make the list, but Cadillac is nowhere to be found. A sad day in their hip SoHo HQ, I suspect.

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    • Corey Lewis Corey Lewis on Oct 06, 2015

      @wallstreet The estimated brand value of FCA is whatever an 08 Pacifica is worth. :)

  • Lou_BC Lou_BC on Oct 05, 2015

    VoGo - MacDonald's was #9 and KFC at #68 so there is hope for Cadillac.

  • Haroldingpatrick Haroldingpatrick on Oct 05, 2015

    KFC has had to go with the flow of the modern world, but the bucketful of 11 herbs and spices are still there for the old school fried chicken lovers to enjoy. I can only imagine the obscenities and associated sh*tfit that the Colonel would have when sampling the current mashed potatoes and gravy - I'm sure he is spinning in a cemetery somewhere in Kentucky.

  • TrailerTrash TrailerTrash on Oct 06, 2015

    Am I the only one getting a little fed up with these endless polls? Especially this time of season when political polls ring my line twice a day. Considering the ONLY polls that matter are those that use votes, by ballots or purse, and considering the huge stunning failures of polls in just the recent 2 years throughout the world...why does anybody get them print time? They were ridiculously wrong twice in Greece this past year. Completely off in the United Kingdom and dreadful in our own own national elections. Just terrible.Horrible! Yet they get news time every day. Are we so starved for real news that we need poll filler material? The most popular cars are the ones sold the most. Simple.