Incentives Put Nissan Leaf and Ford C-Max At Nearly Level Pegging

Aaron Cole
by Aaron Cole
incentives put nissan leaf and ford c max at nearly level pegging

Our coverage of the sweet, sweet, sweet deal that is the Nissan Leaf ( in Colorado, at least) won’t be overlooked by one blue-oval automaker.

At least for this month, Ford is leasing its 2015 C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid for $159 a month for 36 months with $2,689 down at signing (after $2,750 cash back). The lease covers 10,500 miles a year. That may not be the screaming deal that the Leaf is, especially considering its term, but really — how long would you keep a 2015 electric-ish car anyway?

The leasing deal on the 2015 Ford C-Max Energi was ranked third-best in the country by Kelley Blue Book in their monthly update of the best deals for new cars. The C-Max deal ranked behind $2,000 on the hood to purchase a new Volkswagen Passat (no interest for 60 months) and the Nissan Leaf, which is the best deal in the country for a new car. (We already knew that.)

The C-Max Energi’s MSRP is $32,645 — roughly the same as the Leaf SV — but comes with that all important gasoline engine that is noticeably absent from Nissan’s electric car.

Over the term of the C-Max’s lease you may pay slightly less than the retail price of the Leaf — but you may have to walk away at the end.

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  • on Sep 17, 2015

    So, which one is pegging the other?

  • Ringomon Ringomon on Sep 17, 2015

    I can't seem to find this deal on Ford's website. Any idea how to actually get to it? (I might just be an idiot and missing it).

    • See 5 previous
    • Ringomon Ringomon on Sep 18, 2015

      @vtnoah “Please contact your local dealer for the latest information on our current lease offers.” was what I got too. I did and that ~$240/month was what was quoted to me. I'd be jumping all over it if I could get the deal spelled out here. Would almost be the same cost as driving my 5 y.o. car for the next three years.

  • NotFast NotFast on Sep 17, 2015

    I drove and liked most about the C-Max, but it has a weird accel pedal... IIRC it mounts low to the floor and the heel of my shoe hit the floor before the pedal does. Or maybe this is just me?

    • Bball40dtw Bball40dtw on Sep 17, 2015

      I'll have to test on the way home. I had a Focus before it and have a lot of seat time in the Escape, so I am probably used to the pedal location.

  • Variant Variant on Sep 17, 2015

    I thought Jack was going to give us long term updates on his baby-mama's C-max. Whatever happened to that? As someone who commutes 10 miles/day round trip and is considering putting solar panels on my roof, the Ford deal would be a pretty compelling option; assuming I can get out of my 2014 Jetta Sportwagen 2.5 lease ~18 months early without taking a bath.