This Is It: Jaguar F-Pace Priced From $41,985 With US Diesel

Aaron Cole
by Aaron Cole

Jaguar showed us Tuesday what we’ve seen mostly already — the 2017 Jaguar F-Pace fully undressed — and clued us into all the juicy details.

The company’s mid-sized crossover will start from $40,990 plus $995 destination, at some point, but will go on sale next year with a duo of potent V-6 engines in the U.S. that will likely start closer to $45,000 at launch. When the car goes on sale in Spring 2016, a 340-horsepower supercharged V-6 and a 380-horsepower supercharged V-6 will be our only options stateside. Both mills will be mated to all-wheel drive and a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission. A 2-liter, I-4 diesel that produces 180 horsepower will arrive in the States later in 2016.

And then Jaguar took the car on a giant-sized Hot Wheels track. Well played.

Jaguar outlined the F-Pace’s technology and packages that include autonomous braking, a 10-inch infotainment display and 22-inch wheels. The automaker also announced a “First Edition” package that would include features from the C-X17 concept, including houndstooth interior touches. (Why don’t more automakers do this?)

According to Jaguar, the 380-horsepower V-6 will launch the F-Pace to 60 mph in 5.1 seconds, while the less-potent, 360-horsepower V-6 managing the same run in 5.4 seconds. (If you’re wondering, the diesel does it in just over 8 seconds.) Jaguar didn’t announce fuel economy estimates with any of its engines.

The F-Pace will come standard with an 8-inch touchscreen entertainment system (the larger 10-inch version will be an option) that can be upgradable in the future, Jaguar said. The 10-inch version will come standard with a solid-state internal hard drive that could make navigation and search functions faster.

Jaguar’s crossover will have 8.4 inches of ground clearance if you’re thinking about ever taking those 22-inch shoes off road (you’re not). Jaguar also announced that the F-Pace sports 25.5 degree and 25.7 degree approach and departure angles, respectively.

A suite of safety features including traffic sign recognition, blind-spot monitoring, cross path detection and autonomous emergency braking will be available on the F-Pace. The car’s cameras can also detect speed limits and adjust “maximum speed limits” for the driver if engaged.

The F-Pace will also sport a low-speed cruise control for off-roading — similar to systems used by Toyota and Jeep — if you’re into that sort of stuff.

Jaguar said the V-6 F-Pace will start at $42,390 plus $995 destination, and the more potent F-Pace S will start at $56,700 plus destination.

Aaron Cole
Aaron Cole

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  • Dave M. Dave M. on Sep 16, 2015

    I want this. I'm generally a very logical person. This isn't logical. But I want this.

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    • Corey Lewis Corey Lewis on Sep 16, 2015

      @Mr. Orange That's what was in my grandpa's one, red on red. Such a solid car. Sitting in the back of that always made me sleepy.

  • Balto Balto on Sep 16, 2015

    Bravo to Jag for using a colored interior! I think car interior colors have gotten far too bland, this is a step in the right direction without being too zany.

  • Kwik_Shift_Pro4X As much problems as I had with my '96 Chevy Impala SS.....I would love to try one again. I've seen a Dark Cherry Metallic one today and it looked great.
  • Susan O’Neil There is a good reason to keep the Chevrolet Malibu and other 4 door family sedans! You can transport your parents and other somewhat handicapped people comfortably and safety! If someone can stand and pivot you can put them in your car. An armrest in the back seat is appreciated and a handle above the door! Oh…and leather seats so your passenger can slide across the seat! 😊Plus, you can place a full sized wheelchair or walker in the trunk! The car sits a little lower…so it’s doable! I currently have a Ford Fusion and we have a Honda Accord. Our previous cars were Mercury Sables-excellent for transporting handicapped people and equipment! As the population ages-sedans are a very practical choice! POV from a retired handicapped advocate and daughter! 😊
  • Freddie Remember those ads that say "Call your doctor if you still have...after four hours"?You don't need to call your doctor, just get behind the wheel of a CUV. In fact, just look at one.I'm a car guy with finite resources; I can't afford a practical car during the week plus a fun car on the weekend. My solution is my Honda Civic Si 4 door sedan. Maybe yours is a Dodge Charger (a lot of new Chargers are still on dealer lots).
  • Daniel J Interesting in that we have several weeks where the temperature stays below 45 but all weather tires can't be found in a shop anywhere. I guess all seasons are "good enough".
  • Steve Biro For all the talk about sedans vs CUVs and SUVs, I simply can’t bring myself to buy any modern vehicle. And I know it’s only going to get worse.