Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Says They've Under-reported Death and Injury Claims

Aaron Cole
by Aaron Cole

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles admitted Tuesday it hasn’t accurately reported required early warning report data to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The safety administration said that warning data includes “significant under-reported notices and claims of death, injuries and other information.”

According to the automaker, FCA self-reported its violations to NHTSA as part of its increased scrutiny after a record $105 million fine and consent order that FCA agreed to in July. Under the order, FCA agreed to have an independent monitor review its recalls for at least two years.

As part of the Transportation Recall Enhancement Accountability Documentation (TREAD) Act, FCA is required to file regular reports regarding safety with the administration.

“This represents a significant failure to meet a manufacturer’s safety responsibilities. NHTSA will take appropriate action after gathering additional information on the scope and causes of this failure,” NHTSA Director Mark Rosekind said in a statement.

FCA issued a statement acknowledging its failure to comply and said the issue stems from “a number of problems” with how it gathers the early warning data.

“FCA US takes this issue extremely seriously, and will continue to cooperate with NHTSA to resolve this matter and ensure these issues do not re-occur,” FCA said in a statement.

It’s unclear how many injuries or deaths went unreported or if the deaths are related to any specific recall.

According to AutoGuide, Honda paid a $70 million fine in 2015 for unreported deaths related to the TREAD Act.

Aaron Cole
Aaron Cole

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  • I've personally injured a lot of feelings at the Drag strips.

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    • Highdesertcat Highdesertcat on Sep 30, 2015

      @APaGttH Thank you, Kyree. I didn't know that because I thought that the Cherokee, 200, Dart and Viper were latent Chrysler designs that were pulled off the shelf after the bailout. The 500, Renegade and other Italian brands you listed were Fiat properties from the git-go but I didn't know that they sold in significant numbers in the US to count as "underreported for deaths and injuries".

  • Dawnrazor Dawnrazor on Sep 29, 2015

    At this point I'm really beginning to question whether there are ANY automakers who truly behave ethically with regard to occupant safety and environmental regulations (which are also safety issues). Do any of the "good" people at any of these companies have any authority or influence at all? I mean, sure, companies of all stripes will always look for an edge and are obviously under tremendous pressure to make money, but it really seems beyond the pale the way some automakers have been so brazenly playing fast and loose with human lives, they genuinely don't seem to give a damn. I understand that a healthy degree of hubris is necessary when one seeks to climb the ladder, but the level of truly malignant narcissism and overtly sociopathic behavior we have seen from the auto execs is really amazing to behold.

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    • DeadWeight DeadWeight on Oct 02, 2015

      @carlisimo Asymmetrical information/data (and asymmetrical access to information/data) is a market failure, and you are correct, it is a huge advantage that automakers have relative to even well-educated, studious, diligent consumers.

  • GeneralMalaise GeneralMalaise on Sep 29, 2015

    Automakers are dealing with government activist bureaucracies that would just as soon outlaw automobiles and force us all on the bus.

    • Highdesertcat Highdesertcat on Sep 29, 2015

      We, the people, have to assume responsibility for the representatives we vote into office that allow these activist bureaucracies to flourish. But if you think things have been bad up to now with Boehner as Speaker, wait until McCarthy assumes the post. The Tea baggers have already stated they will run him out of town as well. These are not happy times in the kingdom. The Tea baggers will not negotiate with O and the 'crats. And we, the people, are responsible for the avalanche of schit that is coming our way. What we need is a good war to unite us all like 9/11 did. Then again, we already have O'b*m*'s War (OW!).