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This is a bit like a Tinker to Evans to Chance double play, but as part of a promotion for the upcoming “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” movie from Lucasfilm, folks in New York City on Friday were able to order up a free Uber ride in one of eight Dodge Chargers trimmed in Star Wars Stormtrooper white and black livery, with a few Hot Wheels stickers for good measure.

The cars, including SRT and Hellcat versions, were loaned to Uber and Mattel by FCA. The cross promotion involved four different companies: Lucasfilm, Uber, Mattel and FCA, and it was timed to coincide with “Force Friday”, a synchronized introduction of the licensed toys tied to the film, which opens just before Christmas.CLY81_Hot_Wheels_Star_Wars_Character_Car_Stormtrooper_XXX

Technically speaking, since the ridesharing vehicles are also meant to promote the licensed Force Awakens toys from Mattel, the Chargers are not actually based on Stormtrooper characters in the movie. They’re based on a toy car based on the movie soldiers. The producers are also licensing Mattel to make HOT WHEELS® STAR WARS™ Character Cars, Hot Wheels cars ostensibly based on characters in the movie.

I’m not quite sure if the Character Cars represent what those characters would drive, if they drove cars, or if the Character Cars represent what those characters would be if they were cars. Perhaps the latter if you consider how many licensed toys have been sold of the anthropomorphic autos and trucks in Pixar’s Cars.

In the past, Mattel has licensed car companies to make full sized Hot Wheels cars, limited edition production cars with Hot Wheels trim that can be bought from dealers. However, like many Hot Wheels cars, the HOT WHEELS® STAR WARS™ Character Cars are flights of fancy, not obviously related to any actual cars, so I’m pretty sure that those eight Stormtrooper Chargers, with their white paint, and black rims, will be all the full size HOT WHEELS® STAR WARS™ Stormtrooper™ Character Cars there will be.

A spokesperson for FCA said the Stormtrooper Chargers were a “one time promotion”, separate from the promotional agreement announced last month between the automaker and Lucasfilm. That “partnership” was described as “an expansive, historic promotional campaign” for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”,  but so far no details of the promotion have been released.

There’s also been no word on what Chrysler plans on doing with the Stormtrooper Chargers after the promotion ends, but my guess is that someone with both MOPAR and Star Wars collections would pay a pretty Galactic Standard Credit to get a Stormtrooper Hellcat.

Photos: Chrysler and Mattel

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18 Comments on “For a Brief Shining Moment You Could Take an Uber Ride in a Hellcat MOPAR Based on a Toy Car Based on a Character in the New Star Wars Movie...”

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    Can UBER drivers do smokey burnouts and cut donuts with passengers on board? If they can’t we didn’t miss much.

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    Oh, it was supposed to look like a stormtrooper? Okay. I feel a little silly not seeing it before.

    Moichandising is an integral part of the Star Wars experience, and doesn’t have to have any logical connection to the film. When Episode I came out, you could get the action figures, of course, but 6-year-old me (and 7- and 8-year-old me as some of the less desirable products lingered onto shelves well into 2001) also had Star Wars LEGO sets, several plastic lightsabers, a probe droid that shot foam discs, Star Wars Simon, Star Wars jigsaw puzzles, a Star Wars Halloween costume, Star Wars Micro Machines, Star Wars scented markers, Star Wars Band-Aids, a few of the Star Wars meal tie-ins from KFC/Taco Bell/Pizza Hut…

    I must stress that the amount of merchandise is not proportional (or inversely proportional) to the quality of the film. Ep. I had more crap for the young and young at heart to buy than any other film in the saga, but that was independent of its failings and strengths as a film. Looking back, I think Ep. I was actually better than people give it credit for. It was, overall, a bit better than Ep. II.

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      Compaq Deskpro

      I agree with you there, 1 was awful and 2 was even worse. 3 was almost good.

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        Eh, I wouldn’t call it awful in retrospect. It was just that with nothing for 16 years, the hype was enormous (and the massive merchandise campaign didn’t help that). We expected mind-blowing and got average.

        The mood this time around is considerably more reserved. One, it’s been “only” 10.5 years instead of 16, and two, the unspoken weight of the world’s cumulative expectations hangs on everyone like an albatross.
        The crew is hoping to learn from the mistakes of their prequel predecessors (see this documentary for a firsthand look of everything right and everything wrong with the production of Ep. I).

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          On the contrary, my expectations for the upcoming movies are even HIGHER than for Ep.I-III, for several reasons: First, I feel they owe their fans for the letdown that was Ep.I-III. Second, they reunited the main characters from the original movies for at least Force Awakens, so they better not make a mockery of them.

          Third, and most importantly, there are many parents who remember the original Star Wars movies when they were first released and now have children of about the same age, including myself. Not only do I need to feel this movie is awesome after watching it, I want my kids to think this movie is awesome. If Disney can pull that off, they will be handsomely rewarded by parents living vicariously through their children.

          To bring this back on topic, I never really understood the recent Hot Wheels “character cars” before. I think you nailed it though: they’re supposed to be those characters in car form, so they can basically coexist with the Cars movie characters.


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            Yes, by all means, the expectations for the sequel trilogy are much higher for the fans this time around, for exactly the reasons you specified.

            And it’s because of those massive expectations that the Ep. VII production team stops short of promising us the world, because that’s essentially what Lucas promised with Ep. I, and look how that turned out.

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          See also the Red Letter Media Plinkett reviews of Ep 1-3. The schtick is applied a little thick, but after a couple of drinks I always think it’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

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    “What do you do here, Yogurt?”



    “Merchandising! Where the real money from the movie is made! We put the picture’s name on everything!”

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    Who is going to drive these? Uber is a service that connects riders to individual contractors driving their own cars on their own schedule, not employees driving an employer’s vehicle on the employer’s schedule.

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    Star Wars wasn’t even really that great as a franchise. The toys mostly sucked. 35 year old men running around with plastic lightsabers. Living vicariously through their children to justify buying Star Wars toys.

    The first 3 movies were excellent.

    The next 3 movies were TRASH.

    This new movie is mostly likely gonna suck too.

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      “Star Wars wasn’t even really that great as a franchise”

      Yes, $4.5 billion in worldwide box office receipts is not great…

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      “Star Wars wasn’t even really that great as a franchise.”

      The prequel trilogy alone had about a 7:1 ratio of box office revenues to budget.
      And according to wiki Star Wars holds a Guinness World Record for “Most Successful Film Merchandising Franchise”. But hey, what do they know? HELLCAT! MOPAR!

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      Yeah, well, y’know, that’s just like, uh, your opinion, man.

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    The late, great (OK, good) Johnny Evers rolls over in his grave.

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    They get early storyboard images which don’t always make it thru to the final edit.

    Case in point Lego and the Jurassic World sets. The jeeps by Lego are blue in keeping with the new movie logo. In the final edit old red & beige jeeps appeared from Jurassic Park.

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