BREAKING: Winterkorn To Be Replaced By Porsche CEO Matthias Mller on Friday (UPDATE 1)

breaking winterkorn to be replaced by porsche ceo matthias mller on friday update

After Volkswagen admitted to gaming emissions tests with software containing a “defeat device”, German publication Der Tagesspiegel (via Jalopnik) is reporting that Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn will be replaced at the end of the week by Porsche CEO Matthias Müller.

The German outlet — the name of which translates to “The Daily Mirror” — reportedly gained the information from “supervisory circles”.

Volkswagen has not yet confirmed the rumor.

Update 1: Reuters is reporting that a Volkswagen spokesman described the report as “ridiculous.” A spokesman for Porsche said Müller is at a Volkswagen board meeting today in Wolfsburg.

In April, after a prolonged battle between Winterkorn and then-Chairman Ferdinand Piech, the supervisory board supported Winterkorn which resulted in Piech resigning his chairmanship.

At the beginning of September, it was announced Winterkorn’s contract was to be extended into 2018 on this coming Friday. That contract extension looks to be cancelled.

Winterkorn was initially tipped to take the Chairman position, but Volkswagen’s parent company — Porsche SE — proposed its own CFO, Hans Dieter Poetsch, for the position. That proposal was supported by the Volkswagen supervisory board.

Matthias Müller is a Volkswagen lifer, starting his career at Audi in 1977 as a toolmaker before going back to school and returning to Audi as a junior manager of its IT department in 1984. Müller has also held management positions at Lamborghini and Volkswagen.

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