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I like Denver. I grew up here. I moved back here a few years ago to be closer to the mountains I remember and the type of people I love loved to be around.

But Denver, like Austin and Portland, Oregon, has boomed in the past five years, thanks to a variety of factors including marijuana the popularity of John Denver. If you could say one thing about most people in Denver, it’s how painfully nice they could be. Like a lot of cities in the Midwest, doors are held open, apologies exchanged for everything and “pardon me” flows like the salmon of Capistrano.

Now: Here is a woman going all Tiananmen Square on a Land Rover LR2 over a parking spot near Larimer Square (via Denver Post). They aren’t exactly that hard to find, I have to say.

There isn’t a lot of context to the video, other than a spandex-clad woman in a visor threatening to call the cops over a dispute for a parking spot. It’s unclear who got there first, what prompted the dispute or how it ended.

Of course, it’s impossible to know where these people are from (Colorado natives can be idiots too, I’m living proof), but this kind of thing didn’t usually happen in Denver until the Californians came, followed by the Midwesterners, and now the Texans. (I’m not bitter at all.)

These disputes are rare mostly because we have plenty of parking — including at least five multi-story garages within walking distance of this spot.


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80 Comments on “And Now a Fight Over a Downtown Denver Parking Spot (Video)...”

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    That’s an LR2 (nee Freelander), not a Discovery!

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    I would have just taken my foot off the brake and started easing back….Ms. Spandex would have gotten the idea. Unfortunately every city/town has it’s share of crazy people…..

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    Also, she’s far too hefty to wear that outfit. At least she got her stretching done courtesy the back of the LR2.

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    As much as I believe that she is breaking the law by standing in what I presume is some type of thoroughfare…I would usually choose to move on to a less contentious parking spot.

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    Oh man I wish they would have run her over. What obnoxious behaviour. That said, no way I’d park there after all that unless I didn’t care about my car.

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    Long story short: People are idiots, especially spandex-clad loudmouths.

    WY Native here, agree that Denver has gotten worse over the last couple years. It was always a bit of a nouveau-riche douche hotspot, but the last 5/10 years have really kicked that into overdrive.

    I don’t know where you managed to find some nice and polite people, they’re rare down there.

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    I heard somewhere that “Are you gonna shoot me?” (or some variation) is the most common thing said by people before they get shot.

    “Are you gonna run me over?” Probably

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      “You’re in hot pink spandex. I’m in four thousand pounds of metal. Shall we ask physics who’s gonna walk away?”

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        “Have you any idea how much damage that bulldozer would suffer if I just let it roll straight over you?”

        “None at all.”

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          Rachel Corrie’s final utterance?

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            Yeah, great reference about the sad story of a proxy death caused by Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. Some rah-rah liberal colleague disinvited me to a speech by her parents when I threatened to leaflet the event with a picture of Ms. Corrie screaming & burning the US flag while little Palestinian kids watch with bewildered WtF expressions. Very sad story of well-meaning progressive people sending their promising daughter to be brainwashed.

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            Well meaning progressives are called dupes. They just don’t know who their master is.

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      @360joules: I bet you felt like a total bada$$ after threatening to interrupt a speech by the parents of a 23 year old girl crushed by bulldozer debris. A real tough guy. What was she protesting in the photo by burning a drawing of an American flag? Oh, yeah, that was the day the US illegally invaded Iraq under the false pretense of WMD. And we all know that worked out GREAT.

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    Lived in Denver up until 2002. I absolutely hate going to Denver now, the traffic is just unreal, trying to navigate through that mess is a nightmare. I’m so glad I’m out of there! What I don’t understand is the retired folks, who no longer have to go to their job in the Denver area, what keeps them there?

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      The whole state of Colorado is going to hell.
      I remember when it had half the population it has now.
      Generally the more people, the lower the quality of the experience.

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      Agree on the traffic. I moved out of Colorado in ’94, every time I go back, the traffic seems worse. My retired Mom lives out in the ‘burbs and thankfully has little reason to ever venture downtown. She also tends to go out in between the rush hours when the traffic is a little lighter, which is smart.

      Also agree about it becoming really overpopulated out there. For years I thought I would return to the Denver area when I retire, but now I’m not so sure. I do love the climate, but some of the negatives outweigh the things I like.

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        I am a native of northern Colorado and have lived in Denver 15+ years. The place has absolutely gone downhill in that time. I’m always amazed at how many people move here from out of state, especially the east coast. I never planned on leaving but I have accepted the fact I won’t be retiring here. The cost of living and crowds are bad enough, but importing people from from the each coast after they’ve ruined their own state is bound to end badly.

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    I thought Tiananmen Square had like , guns and stuff .

    ” What I don’t understand is the retired folks, who no longer have to go to their job in the Denver area, what keeps them there? ” ?memories ? .

    I’ve not been to Denver in two Decades but it was a nice place back when .

    FWIW , I hope to live and die in L.A. ~ I know it’s a shithole but it’s now my home and I like it very much .


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    Kyree S. Williams

    Pardon my vulgarity but…bitch, move. Now, I think I myself would move instead of sticking around and letting that lady do spandex stretches on the back of my Land Rover, but she was totally out of order.

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    velvet fog

    First “Hella Drunk” woman and now this. I, for one, hope this becomes a regular Friday afternoon feature. A great way to start the weekend.

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    Why is it you can’t shoot people again? I mean .22 in the leg as a flesh wound would go a long way. We’re f***ed when things like this are tolerated.

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    Reason number 351 why I drive a “city car”. Already got door dings, missing trim and chipped wheels. Zero F’s Given. She can get her chubby butt back on the sidewalk.

    And I’d take her picture for evidence. It’s amazing how you can de-escalate people by firing up the camera and letting them know their behavior is about to make them social-media famous.

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    I’m in NYC, people try to pull this stunt all of the time. You can’t reserve a parking space by having your mother, father, sister, brother, child or friend stand in it.

    What you have to do is forcefully and aggressively yet cautiously move in while pretending to be oblivious of the person’s presence. Then, once parked, apologize and claim you did not see them.

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    I think a car is the only thing that can legally occupy a parking stall, so the woman is in no position to deny someone access to park there.

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    You’re going to physically run me over? No, I’m going to metaphysically run you over.

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    Haha, I love the internet; fat chick and loser dude get named over on There’s even a photo of her running a stupid 5k or something in the same outfit, presumably the same day.

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      That wasn’t a 5K. She was chasing a vegan taco truck.

      I’m waiting for the first person to create a mobile pot shop here in the Mile High shitty. Won’t have to look hard for a catchy name.

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    Where HAVE these crazy bitches come from? I’m in Fort Worth, which used to be one of the friendlier cities on the planet until noveau-riche recipients of shale fracking turned many Fort Worthers into just, well…a-holes.

    So I’m sitting at an intersection at Colonial and University (where they have the golf tournament). It’s a busy intersection and a $$$ area. I’m in the right lane going straight. Usually try to avoid that so others can turn, but there was construction.

    After a couple minutes at the light, this crazy eyed beeyatch gets out of her bird shit covered Land Rover, leaves the door open to her car – kids still inside – and walks over to my car and starts yelling at me for going straight and not turning right.

    How I wished for the light to change as she stood there bitching at me in the intersection. But after about 4 seconds, I just said “thank you” and rolled my window back up. Then turned up the radio.

    It was a very long light, so I was going to go right and U-turn. I didn’t want to sit there either. But after that, nope. I sat there, for about another 3 minutes.

    After the light turned green, I waited to make sure the intersection was clear, then pulled out just as slowly as my old Mercedes station wagon would go. Oh! She gunned it making that right turn. Almost hit me. Really taught me a lesson. I bet her kids grow up to be great people as well.

    There is a sickness in society these days. I dont know what it is, but there are 100x the crazy chicks and douche bags that there were even just 10 years ago.

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    Of course, after you park, you then have to leave your car in the proximity of known crazy people. I hope you have good insurance.

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    This is the sort of confrontation my concealed carry instructor warned us never to get into. Both of them are fools.

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    The cow wants her 2,500 calories Starbucks for hitting the treadmill to 2 minutes. Do you really think she wants to walk 300′ from the parking garage??

    You take your life into your own hands getting in the way of that.

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    People like to take control of public spaces for their own benefit. The behavior in the video is not much different than that of people who like to put up “Slow Children Playing” signs in the middle of the street or to place portable basketball hoops on the curb with signs that say “Please dont park under the hoop”. I’m waiting for someone in my neighborhood to put up a saying saying “Please don’t use this street unless absolutely necessary”. I’d do it myself but I dont think anyone would get the irony.

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      The neighborhood association where I live got one of those “Slow children playing” signs installed. I like to joke wondering if the meaning is “Slow children are playing” rather than “Slow — Children playing.”

      And yes I have two adult sons, so it’s not like I’m a child hater.

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    What, no tattoos on all that exposed flabby skin?

    Rule of thumb in road rage confrontations — never, ever get out of your car. You have a big advantage against the other party who gets out of their car.

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    I hate people who try this shit.

    I once had someone do this to me when I was running into town to pick up a hard drive for a job I was working on. As I went to reverse my piece of crap Ford Falcon station wagon (’97, EL, Australian variety), there was just some guy standing there. He came up to the window and politely told me that he was “reserving” the space for his wife who wasn’t able to find a park. But I just replied, “sorry, she’s not here, I need this space, I have to pick something up for work”, and this guy just stands behind my car.

    So I decide to do what this Land Rover did, and just start backing up. The guy tried to stand in the way of the back of my car, so I jumped out.
    “Okay, so your wife isn’t here, this is a free park, so get out of my way! Seriously!”
    “But we’ve been looking for a park for almost an hour!”
    Looking at the parking sign, I remember it’s only a 15 minute park “Are you fucking kidding me, you’re telling me you’ve been looking for a park for an hour, and now you’re going to park in a 15 minute park? There’s a parking garage down the road, go there. Fuck off. I have work to do. Get out of my way or do I have to punch you to prove a point?”
    Now I’m hardly a violent person, but this guy just made me angry. That said, punching someone and being charged with assault is hardly a wise move over a 15 minute park, but nevertheless I was in no mood for it.

    Thankfully my empty threat was enough to make this guy move on, and I got my park. This kids, is why you drive a piece of crap beater into town.

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    There are crazy, wacko drivers everywhere.

    Come visit New England, esp. a particular state, who’s drivers are famously known as MassHoles, excluding self ;)

    I’ve lived in the South briefly. Despite relatively heavy traffic congestion in the south, the worst drivers, in my experience, are in the NE and NY/NJ areas, where there’s less space.

    The Denver woman and her companion supposedly had their names outed on that Denver Post’s article.
    Hopefully, KARMA will follow her (and her companion).

    Seeing her briefly in spandex… CAN’T UN-SEE!

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    Maybe China has the right idea for this situation.

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    So who won? Is it just me, or does it seem like these two are reenacting an old Seinfeld episode?

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    Carlson Fan

    This reminds of the fu#$ers at the boat landing that have someone stand in one of the last parking spaces while your busy getting your’s off the trailer. So now your boat is tied to the dock but you haven no place to park. I had someone do this to me once. My car is 1/2 way in and the trailer is in the traffic lane of the parking lot causing mayhem. The guy is standing in front of my car and will not move. The second time someone tried this crap on me I came flying into the parking space with my shovel nose Cutlass. Luckily for both me & him, he jumped out of the way or he would have got hurt. Not a smart move on my part and not something I would do today, but when your in your 20’s you don’t always make the best decisions.

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    Summation of TTAC on this topic:

    That woman is a horrid ugly terrible thing that should be shot, runover, or otherwise destroyed. Oh and did I mention how she’s clearly overweight even though she actually is in a normal bandwidth for body weight but because this is how we ascribe physical embodiment to people we dislike this is true!

    They’re all ‘nouveau riche’ because they drive a LR2 and somebody did something that people do literally EVERYDAY. They must feel entitled because nobody in the working class thinks to stand in a parking space and wait for their friend to come by. I mean, it isn’t as if the nominally rich (like the people we’re supposedly speaking about) would just park at a valet service and grab that uber ride over to their place. A few bucks isn’t much to these people.

    Oh and lets not forget the idea that murdering EVERYTHING that opposes our particular feeling at the moment is wholly justified.

    Now that I handled that:

    I actually agree she should have left the space because that simply isn’t a healthy way to save a space. But on the same token when she wasn’t going to leave, just move on. Life is too short to get upset over that. I’ve seen people save spaces before like this and I just keep going, I grumble, but I don’t get myself in a tizzy over it. Nor do I think she deserves to die for it. When this discussion steered into the obvious direction it went I couldn’t help but take note of the hypocrisy screaming down from the heavens.

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    Maybe banning pistol duels was a bad idea.

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    Smart cars should use this in their advertising.

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    The pedestrian’s name is Stephanie Brooks and she is employed by the University of Denver as their marketing and communications director.

    • 0 avatar

      She is definitely living in a fragile glass house, while throwing her weight around in public.

      Not a shrewd marketing move or attempt at communication.

      Anybody know if she got any feedback for acting like such a douche in public?

      If someone had died and left me the head of UDenver, I would have sentenced her to daily workouts at least five times a week, plus sensitivity training on image building.

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