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Is this the refreshed 2017 Fusion? A Ford slideshow presentation used at the J.P. Morgan Auto Conference sure points to the affirmative, according to AutoBlog. Yet, it doesn’t look like much in the way of change is afoot with the Blue Oval’s midsize sedan. You’d be hard pressed to find much of a difference at all.

The slideshow doesn’t offer up any details on the refreshed-looking model pictured, but we can take a few educated guesses.

For one, the Fusion is likely to retain all its powertrain options — minus the base 2.5-liter fleet flavorite. There is a change Ford could ditch it all together in favor of the 1.5-liter EcoBoost that currently sits one rung higher on the current ladder.

With the Taurus looking more and more likely to leave the American market, could the Fusion will that role with V6 power? That’s unlikely, as it would go against the grain of the current market — other sedans are downsizing and adding turbos, not upsizing and adding cylinders.

We are likely in for a fairly mild refresh that doesn’t rock the boat, but we will see later this year or early next year what comes to pass.

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50 Comments on “LEAKED: 2017 Ford Fusion Refresh – Can You Tell The Difference?...”

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    Put the 2.3T in. Please.

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    Well, it looks like the Fusion will finally offer some kind of HID headlight upgrade and of course, the mandatory LED DRLs make an appearance as well.

    I’m surprised it took this long, considering how expensive these things get. Maybe ford will throw in some goodies from the Mondeo Vignale on top end trims.

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    Needs more power, or some kind of re-tune of the ECU and throttle mapping at the very least. It says 231hp (on regular) and 270ft.lbs on the tin, but in the real world it doesn’t feel any faster than the ancient Duratec 3.0.

    I wasn’t impressed with the interior materials either considering the price that the Titanium can hit.

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    Any chance they slimmed down the center console so I’ll have a place to put my feet and knees?

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    I just can’t see this class of more traditional buyer hooked for a 4 cylinder despite technology advances. Or maybe it’s part of the sales slippage to cuv/suv?

    Any news on the Sentra refresh?

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      85% of the American midsize car market is 4 cylinder.

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        For years many of us have been decrying that there was no compelling reason to step up to Lincoln from the equivalent Ford – here’s your reason.

        MKZ means you can get a V6.

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          what is the difference between the 3.7 in the MKZ vs the 3.7 used my Mazda?
          I have the 3.7 in my 09 Mazda6 and just love it. Other than the rather poor MPG for such a light Coors Aluminum can body, the push is really nice.

          I know they were sharing tech for awhile, then I heard the Mazda approach to the 3.7 was different than Ford’s.

          When I check the Gov site they show the very same MPG…but give the MKZ an extra overall number. Must be an extra just for looks?

          But still…22 overall is kind of low for a newer tech 6 FWD mid size.

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            I know of no real differences between the engines in those applications.

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            On the CX-9, the Mazda MZI engine is a Ford produced Cyclone block and heads assembled by Mazda in Japan. The intake manifold, along with some other pieces are different.

            Since the last gen 6 was built in Flat Rock, I don’t know if Mazda bothered to assemble the engine in Japan and send it back over to the US. Look on your window sticker to see the country of origin for the engine.

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      “I just can’t see this class of more traditional buyer hooked for a 6 cylinder despite technology advances.” – 1979

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    Meh. Id rather buy the taurus.

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      Only if you value the freeway ride above all else, or want an SHO. The Fusion is much superior dynamically. We came pretty close to getting a 3.5L Taurus Limited (because we have two four-hour trips about every other weekend) until we found a loaded 6-speed manual Fusion. The Fusion is surprisingly agile and gets amazing fuel mileage (rated 37 highway and gets it). The ride is more like a 5-series than the Accord it replaced–very solid feeling for 3340 lbs. which isn’t all that heavy for the class. We found it to be roomier in the back than anything else we tried, including the Accord, Camry, *and* the Taurus.

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    Super ugly front ‘brake ducts”?

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    This is being taken out of context. You need to look at the entire presentation to see this.

    This is from a series of slides that explains how “One Ford” allegedly provides global and regional scale benefits while allowing for local customization. The picture is from a slide that shows Fords in the Russian market getting their own specs.

    The picture posted above is probably one of the Russian-spec car. You can compare it to what is on Ford’s Russia website:

    Incidentally, the Fusion carries the Mondeo nameplate in other markets. The Fusion in Russia and Europe was not the mid-sized sedan sold in the US but a small MPV and has been since discontinued. Either the Ford guy screwed up or else didn’t feel like explaining that what Americans call a Fusion carries a different nameplate in other markets.

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      I’d go for the latter. Appearancewise, the Russian Mondeo is identical to the Euro Mondeo which is identical to the US Fusion, at least from the front and the rear. Europeans get a hatch and a wagon. The Euro Mondeo Vignale is upscale from any Fusion we get but is probably equivalent to the MKZ. The slide definitely shows a different front end to anything out there right now.

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        It looks like a Mondeo Vignale with some covers on the fog lamps. This is not a new model.

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      PCH coming in with facts!

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    nope, not gonna obsess over the details of a 4 door sedan.

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    Yes, a Fusion SHO with the 2.3T and AWD from the Focus RS seems like a no brainer for this car.

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    Isn’t the Fusion already a game-changer? With such stunning success in the marketplace, why change a winner at all?

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      “With such stunning success in the marketplace..”

      I assumed that was snark and mentally joined in since I see so few but then I checked GCBC and found:

      Fusion, 2015 YTD: 183,263
      Camry, …………… : 254,251

      So it’s not quite the lame embarrassment I had thought.

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        Maybe not an embarrassment, but only #4 in the segment, in spite of the gushing reviews when it was introduced.

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        >>So it’s not quite the lame embarrassment I had thought.<<

        Except that fleet sales are huge for Ford. Strip out fleet and it doesn't look great.

        Nissan seems to be going for market share at all costs – the Altima has never been near the top in reviews yet the KMart pricing sure moves the metal.

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          Big Al From 'Murica

          I’d be willing to bet that thenAltima is as big of a fleet queen as anything out there.

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            “Nissan seems to be going for market share at all costs – the Altima has never been near the top in reviews yet the KMart pricing sure moves the metal”

            Same GM strategy of the early ’00s. That’s why there were so many sh***y Grand Am SEs and Olds Aleros rolling around. Cheapens the brand.

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      Since the “game changer” has moved on, I think we can finally let that trope go.

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    Not that I’m a fan of the General but with the new Malibu slated to lose 200 lbs shouldn’t Ford at least try to lighten the Fusion to better compete with the lighter Malibu?

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    Why is it that most Fords and GM sedans have such a flat trunk, with almost no perceptible slope. It makes the cars look very bulky, heavy and not very sporty.

    I know that padestrian safety standards don’t allow for the sort of hood slope we used to see in the eighties but other car manufacturers seem to be doing better working around this problem.

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    Bring back the 3.5 V6 and lose some of the egoboast junk.

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      The 3.5 would add weight I would assume and not significant gains to add it.

      Still going on with that lame joke, “egoboast” canddmyer? Wasn’t funny years ago and just as tragically unfunny now.

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    Fusion and Escape both got redone for 2013, so they are getting a bit old. The Escape is earning it’s customers and we not longer her “I like the 2012 so much better” every single day in the show room. The Fusion was always a hit with our customers. It looks like they took the smaller grill style of the Focus and put it on the Fusion. Better for fuel I’m sure, and it holds the current “Ford Look”. It otherwise looks like the lines are just a bit tightened up. I would expect to see the 2.3 make an appearance, but I don’t know if I think they’ll drop the 2.5. I find the current S model to be the best value in Ford’s lineup. Sync, rear camera, alloy wheels, for the very low $20k range. If you are’t going for performance (which the 1.5 and 2.0 really don’t give), then why spend the extra money?

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      Last time I drove the Ford 2.5 engine it was a noisy, lame powerplant. Perhaps the 1.5T is an upgrade in smoothness, if not in power, which would motivate buyers to spend the extra $$$?

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    When the current Fusion came out, it caused a minor sensation in certain car circles as some thought that Ford had cribbed some styling, mainly the nose, from Aston Martin. I’m not getting that vibe from this picture.

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    Which trim level and engine do you have to buy to get the wheel blockers for the small overlap crash test?

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    It still has that ugly fish face

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    I can’t wait until Part 581 gets nerfed in favor of improved Pedestrian Protection regulations – the current necessity of shoving the hood cut line waaaaay up on top leads to about 4′ of unnecessary front panel gap. I really like the Fusion, but I just wish the hood came down to the top of the grille.

    I’m sure the feds will find a new flaw to force into cars with Pedestrian Protection, but maybe front panel gaps won’t be all 2015 Impala from now on.

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    The Fusion is already a very good car (I have a 2014, an SE with the 1.5L ecoboost engine).

    The acceleration is OK, I don’t really have a complaint with it.

    I’ve had four Acuras and a MB C class, and I don’t feel like the Fusion was a step down at all, particularly with the way the car feels and drives.

    My minor gripes are the lack of xenon headlights and poor modulation of the automatic climate control, especially when the a/c had been running. Let’s say I leave the car for a few hours and the temps have really cooled off. The Fusion “remembers” the a/c was on and spits cold air out until it finally catches up to the proper temperature.

    My major gripe is the fact that there is no eco in ecoboost, and this is a very common observation on reviews and forums (surprised it hasn’t been mentioned above yet). With the majority of my driving being on the highway, I’m still only getting in the mid 20’s since I bought the car. My best tank ever still couldn’t achieve 30mpg. The car consistently achieves 2mpg less than the dashboard indicator says it is.

    I had thought I read that Ford was developing a 9-speed transmission for the car. That would help, as my car turns just over 2,000 rpm in 6th gear at 70mph. I complained about the mileage to my service department and he said the EPA rated the mileage at 55mph. I buy that, as I think I DO get better mileage at slower speeds. But who drives only 55mph on a 65mph (or higher) freeway? No one.

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