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A Florida pastor is helping homeless, unemployed and ex-convicts make money by washing cars at a gas station parking lot, WTSP in Tampa is reporting.

The woman who started the car wash, Dr. Mentha Thomas, says she started the business to help locals get back on their feet.

“To me, that hits your heart. That’s a sad place to be unless somebody helps you,” she told the news station.

According to the report, the car washes cost $20 per car and many of those patrons don’t know the money is going to help the homeless. A man who works at the car wash says the business helped him off the streets.

“I was homeless about eight months before I met her and I’ve been climbing ever since,” Ervin Ford told WTSP.

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22 Comments on “Florida Car Wash Helping Homeless Off the Street...”

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    Well, this isn’t click-bait like the “Car Wash by Canadian Strippers” article, but an article about so-and-so doing a car-wash fundraiser (but featuring the homeless) STILL isn’t really related to cars or the car business.

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      Can’t you read about someone doing something good that vaguely involves cars and just feel good about it and let it be? Sure the stripper thing was total clickbait, I assume, but you learn to stop clicking on the obvious crap and certainly don’t comment on it. If you think a story is garbage, don’t encourage more of it by giving it attention.

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    CAR WASHING is highly profitable, but people need to trust you not to damage their vehicle.

    Microfiber towels, a bucket of soap and water, Armor All Wheel & tire is all you really need. Of course, you need a garden hose for the fresh water.

    I’ve recommended “Car washing” as a fund raiser.

    Give me a group of young, good-looking homeless women willing to work for a cut of the money and 3 meals a day and I’ll turn a profit.

    Put 5 women in bikinis around the car and we’ll wash entire cars in less than 2 minutes.

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      Is that how long it takes for you btsr, two minutes? :)

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      “young, good-looking homeless women”

      LOL, we do live in reality sometimes eh. Have you -seen- homeless women, with your eyes? Many have mental/substance issues and are not exactly young, or good looking. The ones who aren’t too terribly ugly work as strippers in Canada, as we saw earlier. The homeless ones look worse than that.

      Sometimes I wonder where you live.

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        This has to be his worst idea ever. Nothing like putting a bunch of at-risk homeless women with substance abuse, mental health, domestic abuse, or possibly other issues in bikinis to wash cars. In this scenario, BTSR sounds suspiciously like a pimp. Car wash places may make money, but there is bigger money in laundering all that cash.

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        Young, good-looking homeless women usually end up married to wealthy, lonely men who saw something in them (themselves) and decided to uplift them out of poverty.

        As long as you’re GOOD LOOKING…you’ll be OK cause you’ve got CAPITAL.

        Need I remind you of the story of Cinderella?

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          So right, fantasy. Need I remind you her car was a transformer, and actually a pumpkin?

          Wealthy lonely men find women in clubs who are eager for a purse and a ring. They don’t scour the inner city.

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            You’re not following me. There are plenty of young, pretty homeless girls, – especially from 3rd world nations – and many of them are offered welfare/section 8 housing. This car wash idea could put them in swimsuits and have them EARNING a LIVING WAGE. Keep in mind, men in general are pretty stupid and willing to give tips to pretty women (both money and other tips).

            They don’t need to know these girls are down on their luck.

            In fact, my car wash plans might even evolve into a dating service to rival Ashley Madison.

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            This sounds like human trafficking.

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            Oh I see. And you can be the Don and take care of your girls. Make sure nobody touch em when they’re washing.

            Then you could like – set up a house for them all to live in and like, take appointments in the evening for them to provide company to these lonely guys.

            Yep, I follow.

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            You guy’s have very dirty minds. I’m purely talking about using car washing to uplift young beautiful women out of poverty. Some of them may choose to hook up with wealthy men, but that’s THEIR personal choice.

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          I know the story of Cinderella.

          I don’t know why would Cinderella wash cars, instead of being with (or searching for) her prince.

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      BTSR may be too young to know that Simonize used to be street slang for oral act that wasn’t car wax but rhymed with “Tex.”

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      BTSR may be too young to know that Simonize used to be street slang for an oral act that wasn’t car wax but rhymed with “Tex.”

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    Genius idea honestly. However, and I’m not judging, it’d be a good idea to ensure you get your belongings out of the car prior to having them wash it for you.

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    Has Danny Glover been out of Hollywood that long? At least give the man a cameo!

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    So the CEO of Redflex has plead guilty to bribery but TTAC’s still doing car wash stories. Cool

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