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Road Construction Ahead sign

Hey new folks crawling through TTAC in the middle of the night. Are you trying to sign up to post a comment and the website is saying “You Shall Not Pass”? Don’t worry. This is a planned signup outage due to … reasons.

For the rest of you who already have commenter accounts: If all goes as planned, we will have a nice surprise for you tomorrow morning. No, I am not going to tell you what it is, but feel free to put on your tinfoil hats and come up with incredible, incendiary conspiracy theories in the comments.

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40 Comments on “User Signups Will Be Offline Part of Tonight, For Reasons...”

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    You’re changing the website into TheTruthAboutBigTruck, and need to take it offline to upload all the pictures of Hellcats.

    A sound plan.

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      Too much Hellcat in one place at one time may throw the Earth off it’s axis.

      Let’s go for it!

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      No, not big trucks. TTAC will be keeping up with the times…The Truth About Electric Vehicles.

      With a spinoff site, The Truth About Autonomous Vehicles.

      And seeing the success that Farago has had in his new endeavors, The Truth About Law Enforcement Dash Cams. The first article will feature a review of the Sandra Bland Memorial DashCam, complete with a “light up” feature…sorry, that was really bad. But I couldn’t help it…this madness of the police pulling people over for virtual non-infractions, and then tossing about their authority as a way to bolster their ego, has to stop.

      About ten years ago, my wife, who still today is a beautiful, tall and slender blonde, was pulled over shortly after dark by one of NJ’s finest…told he was pulling her over for not wearing a seat belt, though how he could have seen that parked on the side of the road after dark seems improbable at best, pretextual at worst.

      Besides getting a ticket for what at that time was still designated as a secondary enforcement item, that is, you were only supposed to cite people if you observed it as a byproduct of a lawful stop for another infraction.

      And although she is anything but a mousy and timid person, she reported feeling like he was leaning on her in a creepy way. Where was she going, where had she been, was she married, etc., lots of personal questions. And I find it highly unlikely that she fits any criminal profile, driving a Corolla that is a few years old, and registered locally.

      For a long time afterward, she no longer drove between towns on the interstates in NJ after dark…

      But I didn’t mean to digress.

      I just think it would be funny if the change were a VS attempt to move to a newer area of interest, as if readership is here because we read and have the page bookmarked, instead of because we all like to say and hear peoples’ honest opinions about cars.

      In then end, all I have to say is “PLEASE don’t ruin this site in an attempt to make it better, only by an improper metric.”

      The Truth About Rental Cars, for the business traveling demographic.


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    Disqus. Finally.

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      Oh I hope not.

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        I did a study of Disqus for a technical writing class. I use(d) it when I’m at Hooniverse, and based on my experience there and others’ complaints, I don’t mind it on one site, but two is too many. My biggest beef with Disqus is that you have to wait for the plugin to load.

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          …and wait you do, even on a good connection. It’s also annoying that it cuts longer or pictured posts with a “see more”-block.

          Apart from that, it works. And it enables people to sever the cord to Facebook and other Stalinist endeavours.

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        @28-Cars I second your motion. A pox upon Disqus. I will probably either leave or just check in a couple of times a month to stay in touch with my friends here.

        My guess is some form of new and improved interface, to include but not be limited to, true threading of comments, and an easy way to track what you have read and what you haven’t. is just one example of what I am talking about. And you don’t have to be a member to be able to traverse enough of it to be able to see why I think it is vastly superior to the current TTAC software.

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      Something similar might be nice. I find this user interface for commenting a bit basic… but that is because I used to forums with things like email, private messages, signatures, etc.

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      Disqus is some combination of horrendous, horrible and horrific, I just haven’t yet determined the exact ratio.

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      Land Ark

      If this is the case, if it works like over at Hooniverse, this may very well be my last post here. For whatever reason it doesn’t work on my machine.

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        Disqus does not work on my machine, unless I drop a lot of ad blocking and security/privacy tools I refuse to give up. Not to mention the fact that my comments are for those here present, and I don’t want someone or something trying to scatter them to the wind.

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      I haven’t used Discus much, but I do like its ability to let me know of further responses to just the thread I’ve commented on. The last time I used TTAC’s “Notify me of followup comments” I got notified of every comment added to the entire post.

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        Isn’t that the same thing that happens at Disqus? I have a forum email address for that purpose and it gets literally thousands of mails a week from Disqus. With IntenseDebate at Hooniverse, I’d occasionally check for new comments in ancient threads. Now I can’t be bothered.

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    Disqus is swell!

    Once it loads, its fast, has no time limit on editing and shows the respondee.

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    Zekele Ibo

    So TTAC has been sold to Gawker and is being reborn as a Kinja blog!

    Incessant adolescent memes incoming in 3, 2, 1…

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    I finally won the Troll Poll and I’m getting a French kiss from Betty White.


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    Not Disqus, Facebook comments plugin. All part of the goal to be “30 percent nicer”

    Let the wailing and gnashing of teeth commence!

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      That would be even worse, IMO.

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        It would be the worst.

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          As a poster who seems to have a modicum of respect from more than one other poster I think highly of, yourself included, @bball40dtw, with 28-Cars being another, I would think that such combined vehement rejection of that path should be enough to stop it in its tracks, if that is what it is.

          But I hope that Mark is smarter than that, and recognized in advance that such a course would be disastrous for TTAC.

          BTW @bball40dtw, I fully understand why you didn’t rise to my bait about Panther history and possible futures, except to correctly note that the Explorer option for LEO’s probably kills any chance of big fleet sales ever returning for a new Panther.

          But I would guess you know the answers to some of what I conjectured, and I would love to know what you know. But I feel bad in a way for trying to get you to spill so much inside “scuttlebutt” about corporate history, as I realize that wouldn’t do you any good, to say the least.

          I realize that when you are a part of an organization, even if there are things that it has done that you think were mistakes, you just have to accept them as prolog and refrain from confirming them

          And Ford’s treatment of the end of life issues for Panthers are not so aggravating as to lead me to switch horses…Ford has proven itself to me as a good road to go down, and when and if I get another vehicle, it will likely be a Ford, and hopefully something new that takes the place of a Ranger sized pickup. The Explorers look like an ideal direction also…had two Isuzu Troopers in the family at one time, and later a Jeep Cherokee Sport. Liked the size and capabilities, but neither was as reliable as a Ford. They were good used car deals, but they came with a baggage that my used Panther has not.

          Or better yet, how about a new fullsized sedan reminiscent of the looks and features of the Mercurys of the mid-90’s, pre-decontenting. But of course with an updated motor compared to the 4.6 Modular.

          Do you see something like that happening? Say an Ecoboost V6 with a Panther like styling and size, on a new D6 frame, in 2018 or shortly after?

          Again, I understand if you know and cannot say…but if you can leak any word of hope, it would be great to know that I new early on, and I would be signing up now for a test drive. If gas and oil prices remain low due to a global glut, it just might be the right time to return to making a “real American sedan” that can seat five or six adults easily, that has smooth suspension but still stiff enough to corner well, etc. I know you know I am describing what I like about my 97 Panther. It does not have a lot of body lean, and has predictable, surprisingly tight cornering, yet is almost bump and vibration free.

          But re: a new system at TTAC…however ugly it is, I expect to stay long enough to see if a consensus builds to congregate elsewhere, or we can get a petition to get VS and Mark to ditch any Disqus/Facebook types of solutions.

          Seeing what you two guys, Nate and a few others have to say is one of the high points of many of my days. I just hope it gets better instead of worse.

          Steve Lang’s retail car business insights are always interesting, also, and Aaron Cole is doing a good job of gathering up news where Cameron used to. (Though I still don’t see why he needs a drivers license for what he is doing so far.) Sajeev and his evil twin are always entertaining. And there are a few others I am too tired to remember and enumerate now.

          But I hope VS doesn’t saddle this website with some new revenue-enhancing scheme that makes it just annoying for the B&B, of which I consider myself at the least a pledge.

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    I refuse to post in this story. Sorry.

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    A nice surprise in the morning? That usually means a horse’s head or a case of herpes.

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    Chris Tonn

    Y’all are looking at this completely wrong. Forget improved commenting systems. Mark is having new Mitsubishi Mirages shipped directly to each commenter.

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      You get a car, you get a car, you get a car!

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      and a favorite of the B&B will be getting a Caddy ATS and loving it.

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        That would be a hoot. Let Deadweight conduct a long term review of the ATS.

        Better yet, give @bball40dtw an alias login, and or a position on staff, and let him spill the beans on scuttlebutt in the industry about GM, FCA and other alleged players in the manufacturing space.

        Things might even leak out before NHTSA could have a chance to jump on them. Which might also save lives.

        Can you say “FCA = Fire-Catching Auto?”; how about GMC = Generally Motors Crumble? The skeletons exist. Not all have been unearthed. We need a Cryptkeeper to rattle the bones and show us not only where the bodies are buried, but who planted them.

        I doubt @bball would really do this, but I imagine he knows far more than he can tell. And even if he does not, the fact that he can easily give that impression should make it possible for him to acquire info others only hear about later. I’m sure he is a far more than just adequate executive, but my intuition tells me he would make a helluva journalist as well.

        But my real guess is that it will be something cosmetic that will be incrementally better, but less than an ideal solution, though not a step backwards, either. Of course, that is a safe guess to make about most intended improvements in IT and IT-related projects.

        But time will tell.

        Let’s all meet around the watercooler in a day or two.

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      I thought he might have gotten a deal on a bulk purchase of FCA buyback Rams, and was deputizing all of us to do long-term road tests.

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    New server. This site is painfully slow. The new member signup freeze to to allow migration..

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    Is TTAC joining the fine family of Edmunds sites? lol

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    Y2k transition: We get pictures and…limitless answer threads?

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