Speed Week 2015 Canceled Due to Poor Salt Conditions

Aaron Cole
by Aaron Cole

The Southern California Timing Association announced Tuesday that its annual Speed Week, held at the Bonneville Salt Flats near Salt Lake City, will be canceled this year. Officials said poor conditions meant they could only find 2.5 miles of usable salt, far less than the 7 miles needed for the race.

The decision came down one day earlier than expected, and a little more than a week after officials canceled an earlier event at the salt flats for the same reason.

Race officials said nearby salt mining operations have deteriorated salt conditions at the famed flats. Officials say future races could be canceled if the flats aren’t protected.

Last year’s Speed Week event was canceled due to flooding. According to organizers, it would be the first time in recent memory the race has been canceled in back-to-back years.

“It’s just too dangerous,” said SCTA spokeswoman JoAnn Carlson. “Everything else around is damp and muddy, which is awful for us.

“Last year, we were devastated. It was the most horrible thing that I could remember happening to the course. This year was a disappointment … It’s been many, many, many years since this has happened — if it ever has,” she added.

Carlson said the association will host the World Finals on Sept. 29-Oct. 2 at the salt flats if conditions improve.

The Truth About Cars’ Salt Lake City bureau is reporting that weather is 82 and sunny today.

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  • 64andahalf 64andahalf on Jul 21, 2015

    Can a random guy like me show up there randomly and drive my car as fast as I'd like? Or is that stupid because it's 1) illegal, 2) incredibly dangerous, or 3) incredibly corrosive and hard on the vehicle?

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    • 64andahalf 64andahalf on Jul 22, 2015

      @OliverTwist Oliver Twist...awesome, thank you

  • Wstarvingteacher Wstarvingteacher on Jul 21, 2015

    One of the very few things remaining on my bucket list. Hope it lasts.

  • Carlisimo Carlisimo on Jul 22, 2015

    It’s not every day that car enthusiasm and conservationism coincide. I suppose this’ll come down to the BLM vs. the nearby mining operation?