Nurburgring May Dump Speed Limits for Manufacturers

Aaron Cole
by Aaron Cole

Per Road and Track, the operators of the famed Nurburgring in Germany may be preparing to dump its speed limits for manufacturers and may mean a return for manufacturer records.

After a Nissan GT-R GT3 crashed and killed a spectator, the famous road installed speed limits during specific sections for safety and enforced those limits during testing for manufacturers — effectively ending record run chest-thumping.

Although the rumor is just a rumor right now, there are undoubtedly a few manufacturers who should be licking their chops today at the chance to unseat Porsche for the production-car throne.

The speed limits are enforced on the Flugplatz section and Gantry to Antoniusbuche sections.

If lifted, speed limits at the track for manufacturer testing would have only lasted a few weeks, and it may signal the end of Pikes Peak two-day run as the new ‘Ring.

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  • Car-los Car-los on Jul 03, 2015

    Those speeds limits are a stupid idea, or rather a suicidal idea. Nurburgring management would really shoot themselves in the foot. Breaking speeds records there is a huge PR operation for car makers and that means a huge income to Nurburgring. Put there a speed limit and car makers will not longer be "obliged" to go there to test their cars. They would be just passing on that huge business to somebody else.

    • there is a ton of politics around the fact that the ring is a "public road", insurance issue with that. since some corners are actually named "flying car" .. some limits do need to be applied as the spectators safety should come 1st. again relating to the issue of it is a public road and the politics behind that.

  • BerlinDave BerlinDave on Jul 04, 2015

    Speed limits all over Germany have become very, very popular in the last few years. Found to be a great source of revenue, too. All in the name of safety, of course.

  • Corey Lewis Corey Lewis on Jul 06, 2015

    Ugh, it's a race track. Accidents will happen, and people want to see those accidents and stand right in the most dangerous places. Don't get rid of the speed, get rid of the spectators at those places.