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Takata Driver Airbag

Neither Takata nor the NHTSA can say for certain how many of the 34 million vehicles now under recall for defective airbags need theirs replaced.

What is known is 400,000 of the driver-side replacement inflators — out of 4 million produced so far — will need to be replaced again due to a defective propellant wafer, Reuters reports. Another 500,000 units were found to be safe, as those were assembled for Takata by competitors Autoliv and TRW Automotive, both of whom use a different propellant compared to Takata’s ammonium nitrate mix.

However, determining how many of the 34 million vehicles under recall need new units for original and repaired vehicles is easier said than done. Eight of the 10 automakers affected by Takata’s ongoing airbag issues expanded earlier or created new recalls following last month’s announcement by the supplier regarding the number of affected U.S. vehicles, amounting to only 3.3 million recalled since then.

Further confusion comes from how many repaired vehicles will also need to come in again for a new replacement unit, though Honda said those owners who had their airbags replaced since September 12, 2014 would not need to come back. The automaker explained the replacement units assembled by Takata used a different design made by Takata and other suppliers.

Meanwhile, the NHTSA said Takata and the affected automakers would be the ones responsible for demonstrating the replacement parts would be safe over the life of a given vehicle, with finding those needing to return to the repair shop a priority. Administrator Mark Rosekind told legislators this week owners would be best served by checking with their dealership’s service department for news about their vehicles, adding the replacement issue was “confusing.”

[Photo credit: Alexauto123/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0]

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11 Comments on “Takata, NHTSA Face Uncertainty Over Safety Of Replacement Airbags...”

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    I want to get an honest answer from everyone as to whether Takata could screw up a recall worse than this airbag one (one that literally leaves tens of millions of vehicle owners with steering wheel mounted Takata air bag grenades/M18 Claymore Mines in limbo and/or not knowing what to do)?

    They can’t?

    I agree.


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    except they arent all defective. 6 known deaths and 100 injuries worldwide. obviously there are more that were never reported due to other factors.

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    I know one of you B&B knows the answer to this: Who decided that ammonium nitrate (as in blow up a building) was an acceptable substitute for the primer-like compound that was commonly used? Did anyone do the testing to sign off on this or was this just Takata’s little stroke of cost-saving genius?

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    Takata was an early leader in the small airbag movement. Instead of needing an airbag the size of a TV dinner, their new propellant offered unique packaging opportunities in increasing smaller sizes or unusual shapes like a door pillar or an A pillar.

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    Nice, very nice. I just had my replaced in March or April. I don’t remember now. Honda was very cool about it. They’ve sent the kit to Canada although my home of record is Florida and the car is registered in Florida. I just didn’t want to wait to do it back home in Florida when the backlog will be immense. Since the recall doesn’t affect Canada, no wait at dealers here.

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    So, should I pull the airbag fuse in my ’13 Malibu?

    Or, maybe just run the A/C a lot to keep the humidity down? Until they figure out all of the vehicles affected, it’s a crap shoot.

    Modern problems :-(

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      The deaths and injuries may have been more due to the air bag, than the accident. Your first passive line of defense is the design of the car, and your first active line of defense is buckling up. If the airbag really scares you, disable it and hope you never get into the extreme accident where airbags are most effective. Given the complexity of auto electronics and safety systems, pulling the fuse may cause more problems than you anticipated.

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    I’d love to know why they show the four-spoke wheel from a B6 Passat, when Volkswagen didn’t even use Takata airbags…

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