By on May 22, 2015

2016 Toyota Fortuner Brochure Leak

In addition to the go-anywhere Toyota HiLux, it looks like Australia will get a Fortuner reprise.

Here’s what happened overnight.

Favorite Picture or Random Thing from Yesterday:


Posted on Hooniverse in Last Call: Blueprint for Success Edition. [Source: Go Away Garage]


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7 Comments on “While You Were Sleeping: Toyota Fortuner SUV for Oz, More Airbag Recalls and Stowaways Hide in Maseratis...”

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    Marlboro ads around Monaco? Don’t the Europeans know we banned cigarette advertising on TV and billboards in 1971? Why didn’t they follow our lead?

    As for Maserati stowaways, I’ve been in a couple Maseratis, and I suspect the improvement in comfort over an airplane wheel well is marginal.

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    I wish the Fortuner was here in the USA. Its always been better looking than the 4Runner.

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    Big Al from Oz

    I would love to see more full size pickup from the US in Australia.

    But, to increase the chances of success realistic diesel versions are required.

    They also will not sell in huge numbers. The article on the demand for full size pickups is inaccurate in calling them work trucks. They would be mainly used as toy haulers and for towing 5th wheel campers.

    Toyota and Nissan have neglected the larger pickup segment for work trucks as many people are now buying the newer, larger and more powerful midsizers.

    The Fortuner look ugly. It will most likely be a competent off roader, but from what I have seen the Colorado 7, Izuzu M-ux and the up an coming Ford Everest are far more pleasing aesthetically than the fugly

    What made the 4Runner/Surf attractive was is was attractive and refreshing to look at and a capable off roader for it’s time.

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      @Big Al from OZ,
      That Car/Advice article pretty inaccurate generally.
      “We have an enormous demand for a Tundra here in Australia, there’s no doubt if we could get a diesel Tundra, then I think we’d sell 100 a month,” he said. ”
      “Enormous Demand “is a 100 a month? Nissan Australia spokesperson labelled the Titan an “Oddity” . I can see why the business case is pretty well non-existent
      If the new Fortuner is similarly styled like the new Hilux, then it will join the other SUV’s based on the Global Pickups
      The Ford Everest could be something to wait for

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    Just returned from a trip to the Carribean where the Hilux appears to be quite popular. I like it, it’s “not too big and not too ugly”, unlike most of Toyota’s North American products. I’d love to see a Hilux based SUV offered in North America. There’s nowhere to go but up in the styling department over the current 4Runner and would be closer in size to the just-right gen 3 4Runner sold in NA in the mid-90’s. If they also offered it with their new Atkinson-cycle V6 and a 6MT they’d have a winner.

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