SsangYong XAV Concept Debuts At 2015 Seoul Motor Show

ssangyong xav concept debuts at 2015 seoul motor show

While most of the eyes were on the latest and greatest debuting in New York, the SsangYong XAV concept SUV hit the ramp at the 2015 Seoul Motor Show.

Power for the XAV — short for eXciting Authentic SUV — comes from a hybrid powertrain featuring a 1.6-liter engine paired to a so-called e-4WD system that places electric motors to the front and rear wheels, linked to a lithium-ion pack. No power figures were given for the setup.

SsangYong says the design for the concept is meant to evoke an “authentic” SUV experience, with strong masculine lines up front — also a retro design based on the automaker’s second-gen Korando; the first was a Jeep CJ-7 clone — and an equally strong backside with storage space for tools and emergency equipment, augmented by an oversized rear bumper.

Speaking of the Korando, the XAV is a preview of what the fourth-gen SUV could look like, and would join the smaller Tivoli in SsangYong’s collection as it and its parent company, Mahindra & Mahindra, look for a way to break into the North American market.

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  • Scott Mopar4wdthanks for those stats. But if 40% of suv buyers are 65+ that is not a long term strategyat 70 I’m perhaps not germane as I have only 2 cars now and replace only when they’re stolen
  • Mopar4wd I think the real question is when every EV can be optioned to be startlingly fast, you need something else to differentiate. Handling features etc, outright acceleration may not be as much a measure as it once was. That's the real problem I see for Dodge, their best bet would seem to be making them look way better than the competition.
  • Dukeisduke The wheelcovers with all the little round holes are from Pontiac, like the Catalina.
  • DungBeetle62 "Mark III would make its branding as exclusive as possible... " Meanwhile, 40 years on down the road every single Lincoln product was "MK _____"
  • FreedMike It is kind of refreshing to see an off-roader that is focused on the basics of off-roading, versus convincing its’ owner that he’s the real-life incarnation of the Punisher, and the owner of the largest penis in human history.