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Ralph Gilles, Vice President of Design, with the game-changing a

It’s official: FCA North American Design Office senior vice president and SRT CEO Ralph Gilles is now FCA’s Head of Design.

Taking over from retiring design boss Lorenzo Ramaciotti, Gilles is now also a part of the automaker’s FCA Group Executive Council, led by CEO Sergio Marchionne.

Gilles, of course, was in charge of Dodge between 2009 and 2011, and served as SRT’s boss while helming FCA’s racing efforts, as well. He also styled the 2005 Chrysler 300, and led the design team behind the 2014 Dodge Viper SRT.

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20 Comments on “SRT Boss Ralph Gilles Appointed To FCA Head Of Design, Executive Council...”

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    Nice to hear. He seems like a genuinely good guy who cares a lot about Chrysler products and cars in general.

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    One has to admire this guy if only for famously telling Mitt Romney, “You’re full of shi*” when Romney accused Chrysler of moving production to China.

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    Is this BTSR?

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    If he has any responsibility for the Ram pickups’ styling I’d say nothing is too good for him. The most beautiful trucks on the road. Making a pickup look bold, masculine *and* elegant is a tour de force.

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      Agreed. Chrysler products across the board are nice to look at – 200, 300, Charger, JGC, Durango, Wrangler, etc. Combined with the interior quality upgrades that FCA did after the acquisition and I would say that they are 2/3 of the way there. Just lacking on the reliability front at this time.

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    Time to fix that door switch panel from installing backwards.

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    So if he did the 300, I wonder if he did the other-markets 300 wagon. And/or if he did the Magnum.

    Wait, styled as in “chose trim?” Or “designed.”

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    Congrats Mr. Gilles, just tone down the war on visibility and I’ll roll with you.

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    bumpy ii

    And so the Canuckisation of the industry continues.

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    Dan R

    Job No. 1. How do I make this grille bigger?
    Maybe Audi style?

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    So now it is finally time to bring back the Magnum STATION WAGON!
    Give it style streaks along the sides that climb to a rear crossover tail lamp system (1960 De Soto?). I miss our 2005 Magnum AWD SXT. It was the perfect car for the time and could be again. Instead I just bought a 1988 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser because Ralph won’t let FCA produce a car that will OWN the market segment – again!
    No SAAB wagon, no Acura wagon, no Venza wagon; why, all UGLY!!
    MAGNUM WAGON – let’s do it!
    Challengers and Chargers sell; 300s do but not at a torrid pace so you have room for production of the 2016 Magnum on a shift of your choice!
    Also remember the 1978/1979 Magnums (XE and GT), as cool as the Pontiac Grand Prix of 1976/1977!

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      It is never a good time to bring back the Magnum. Nothing like owning a market segment that twelve people care about. Eleven of those people don’t buy new either.

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      I remember his disappointment at cutting the Magnum and the all the plans he had for it. His interviews always fascinate me. Smart move by FCA.

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    Big Al from Oz

    Well, Mr Ralp Gilles, I hope you are not the one responsible for okaying the ridiculous looking Ram grilles of late.

    Ram require a refresh, not some new look grille.

    A start would to be to remove the “Asiatic/Korean” looking front end.

    I do know Sergio is a tight ass with the cash, but convince him this is for the better.

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      You and I agree on something! Cheers to you.

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      Al, I agree there are some over the top elements on the RAM that should’ve been toned way down, but then again, I’m not in the pickup truck buying demographic, so maybe I don’t get “it.”

      However, Gilles is, for the most part, one of the most successful designers on the automotive landscape today, because he’s managed to do a great job tying a cohesive design language into/across the Dodge/Chrysler brand’s offerings, and in a good, bold, yet not too crazy way.

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