While You Were Sleeping: "Copy-and-Paste" Design, Dirt Track Racing, Real Fuel Economy, and Butterfly Wings

Mark Stevenson
by Mark Stevenson
while you were sleeping copy and paste design dirt track racing real fuel economy

Come on, China. We know you can design a car on your own.

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  • Mason Mason on Apr 23, 2015

    Dirt track racing. The best drug ever.

    • FormerFF FormerFF on Apr 23, 2015

      Good thing we still have dirt tracks here in Georgia, all but one of the paved short ovals have closed.

  • PrincipalDan PrincipalDan on Apr 23, 2015

    “Imported car? No, China car,” That line should read as: "Yes, we have no ideas."

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    • Jimbob457 Jimbob457 on Apr 23, 2015

      @Mark Stevenson Aw, c'mon guys. China is still building out its road system and training its first generation of shade tree mechanics. Dated Western designs make perfect sense for them right now.

  • Jameslhb Jameslhb on Apr 23, 2015

    Their next model will be called Moon Rover.