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We’re driving the Fiat 500X today. In the mean time, here are the top overnight stories.

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    SCE to AUX

    I’m eager to hear about the 500X; my Renegade test drive was a big letdown.

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      You should write a review SCE.I guarantee at least one interested reader.

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      Which Renegade did you drive, SCE? ToasterJeep dot com has an owner that apparently loves nearly every aspect of his new Renegade Trailhawk.

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      SCE to AUX

      My brief comments are in this thread:

      There is a lot of sunshine for the Renegade right now, but I just didn’t feel it while driving the car (I drove a Latitude). Perhaps my expectations were too high.

      It also didn’t help that the salesman exuded a bad attitude, with no enthusiasm about the newest model on his lot. It started with his astonishment that I’d never driven a Jeep of any kind before. I got the feeling he didn’t think I qualified as a Jeep driver (taking the “you wouldn’t understand” slogan to heart). Or maybe he didn’t feel the Renegade qualified as a real Jeep. But he did push AWD over the FWD model I drove, because that’s all a real Jeep should have. I can’t totally disagree on that point.

      A Trailhawk would be somewhat nicer, but I really didn’t like the 2.4/9AT combo or the rough ride of the Latitude. Maybe it’s all mapped better in the 500X.

      I have noticed that the Renegade/500X 1.4T has been remapped for peak torque at much lower RPM – a very good thing vs the anemic Dart 1.4T. But this engine is only available at a 6-speed stick, and in the lowest trim level. Maybe it really performs OK, but I suspect all early test drive reviews will be on the 2.4/9AT versions.

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    Regarding the Volkswagen wagons, it reminds me what I was once told in a stip joint while gazing longingly at a beauty on the strippers pole. “Boy, that’s what you ain’t gonna get.”

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      SCE to AUX

      And once you do, you’ll regret it.

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      + 1,000,000 on that. The R-Wagon is almost exactly what I’m looking for. I’d almost even forgive the absence of a manual transmission if it were available here in Canuckistan.

      Still nothing out there to replace my ’05 Subaru Legacy GT wagon which has caught a case of the Suba-rust.

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    Very interesting if a sort of comaprison between Renegade and X were possible. Everything from price to ride. To test what Elkman said in the linked article.

    He should also just let Marchionne run the show. Agnellis haven’t shown business acunen for a long time.

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      I think Marchionne IS running the show. His boss, John Elkann the Agnelli scion, is giving Sergio a blank check to do what he wants. It’s like a Hagar The Horrible comic strip: A minister asks Hagar how things are going, and Hagar answers,”Great! Looting and pillaging have never been better.” The minister replies, “What about ETHICS? What about MORALITY?” Hagar answers, “Oh, I have people who do that FOR me.” The Agnellis are doing the same.

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        One would hope, it does seem the young Elkann knows his place and is doing what is best for his company and pocketbook. It would seem near death experience does focus business scions minds as the Ford guy showed by letting Mullaly run the company for him and not letting his ego get in the way.

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    CT6 begets Buick?

    Park Avenue stateside, please?

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    With regards to Piech, why is a 77 year old calling the shots at such a large industrial concern anyway. No disrepect to the seniors here, but there comes a point when certain faculties start to fade, no matter who you are.

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    Toyota moving Corolla production from Cambridge, ON, to Mexico doesn’t warrant a mention, or was that in yesterday’s WYWS?

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