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Mary Barra with Mark Reuss and some laughing rando at the GMC Eminence Front booth during the 2015 Detroit Auto Show

General Motors CEO Mary Barra will be among those called to depose over the automaker’s February 2014 ignition switch recall by lawyers.

The Detroit News reports Barra will join over three dozen former and current GM employees and execs in a months-long deposition process set to start May 6; Barra’s deposition October 8 will be the last one.

The process is linked to a consolidated group of lawsuits led by attorney Robert Hilliard, whose plaintiffs are seeking damages for lost resale value, injury and death as a result of GM’s decade-long delay in recalling the defective ignition switch at the center of the maelstrom.

Related documents that were released as part of a recent settlement with the Melton family — one of the families affected by the recall — lead Hilliard to believe the automaker knew more than it let on; thus, the deposition process about to occur:

Given the damning documents we have uncovered throughout the course of this litigation, the dance floor is very, very small and no GM witness will be able to shuffle around the truth. I expect we will find out how high up this cover-up goes.

Other witnesses include former engineer Ray DeGiorgio, former general counsel Michael Millikin, engineering director David Cary, and senior vice president of global connected customer experience Alicia Boler-Davis, who will be the first to be deposed.

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17 Comments on “Mary Barra Among Those To Depose Over GM Ignition Recall...”

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    Cue the B&B comments about the absolute protection GM got from the bankruptcy, Derek.

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      New GM should be exposed since “old” GM’s bankruptcy petition was based on fraud (i.e. intentional lies) on the court regarding the serious injuries and deaths of hundreds (maybe thousands) of people driving defective, hazardous vehicles that GM execs & engineers knew of for at least a decade yet failed to recall and fix (they actively concealed & tried to cover up the issue).

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    Interesting headline. I assumed a completely different definition of “deposed” until I got into the article.

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      She should be deposed and then immediately dismissed, and then arrested & charged with many felony counts, as should all GM executives, engineers and similarly situated Delphi ex and current executives and engineers, based on the facts revealed thus far.

      Her sworn deposition should simply seal this fate if the attorneys deposing her are prepared, and hopefully, can catch her (and other executives) in further acts of perjury.

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        zzzzzzzzzz !

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        To bad I just don’t ever see it happening.

        We know all the fines and compensation will be passed onto the public in the form of added cost to a new vehicle. Lawsuits simply have no teeth in that sort of situation.

        The government will get some extra scratch to dole out for whatever pork it has lined up. Victims will be compensated and the media will have a field day with the fallout. GM will issue a few apologies and take a good look at the numbers and ultimately decide its an acceptable cost and it will be back to business as usual where cost cutting take precedence over safety and quality.

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      Yup, to be deposed is to be kicked out. To depose is the correct usage for this situation, as in “Barra will depose…”

      More of the artisanal TTAC headline guff.

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        Dearest B&B, Google’s dictionary says you’re right re: depose.

        It also says I’m right:


        verb: depose; 3rd person present: deposes; past tense: deposed; past participle: deposed; gerund or present participle: deposing

        1. remove from office suddenly and forcefully.
        “he had been deposed by a military coup”
        synonyms: overthrow, unseat, dethrone, topple, remove, supplant, displace

        2. LAW
        testify to or give (evidence) on oath, typically in a written statement.
        “every affidavit shall state which of the facts deposed to are within the deponent’s knowledge”
        synonyms: swear, testify, attest, assert, declare, claim
        “a witness deposed that he had seen me”

        3. LAW
        question (a witness) in deposition.

        Headline and other usage will not be changed.

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          I let Mr./Ms. WMBA’s “artisanal” comment get the better of me; I’m not a hipster, after all.

          After re-reading the definition I put up, and then looking over how I used the word, I realized WMBA was right.

          Headline and other usage has been corrected.

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    I like GM, but the company is getting everything it deserves. If for years to come, those two letters only invoke the phrases “government bailout” and “ignition recall”, it’ll be too bad…

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    Rob Riggle plays Mark Reuss in the movie version of this fiasco. That’s all.

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    The suits for loss of resale would have pretty far reaching effects if they held up. I would hope they get thrown out. The idea that a manufacturer of goods is held to a future used value is pretty far fetched.

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      “The idea that a manufacturer of goods is held to a future used value is pretty far fetched.”

      JLR would be insolvent from such a suit in a matter of minutes.

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    glorified administrative assistant becomes figurehead CEO to front for Banksters in need of leniency from investigative bodies. now that the unjustified accolades have subsided it’s time to face the harsh realities of past incompetencies. Old GM? New GM? doesn’t matter in the Court of Public opinion.

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      Looks like you like a heaping helping of sexism with your tinfoil-hat conspiracy theories.

      Mary Barra started in engineering and has a decades-long engineering background.

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        No, I think he is right on the money. It was a smooth move by a bunch of old white guys to elevate this lady to the hot spot before the US government, GM’s benefactor, to take the heat.

        Don’t forget, Buickman was an ace GM sales guy and isn’t telling us everything he knows about GM.

        If he would write a book about GM, I would buy it, like I bought Bob Lutz’s book.

        It’s true that I give books I buy to a library AFTER I have read them, but I did buy books, like Steve Rattner’s, through Amazon and actually read them front to back.

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    Should every Ion and Cobalt owner be entitled to a million dollars. They could claim undue stress due to the vehicles reputation.

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