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Bluetooth connectivity is still a major sticking point for auto makers, but that isn’t stopping one of them from going after Uber.

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    I don’t understand the problem with Bluetooth connectivity. It’s a pretty straight forward set-up. I have never had a problem with either my iphone or Galaxy phone and tablet connecting with Ford Sync

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    Are the bluetooth problems the reason why I continually see people yapping away on their cellphones completely distracted? I never understand how drivers of newer cars and even the premium brands can’t just use bluetooth. Even older cars can get bluetooth setups for a relatively low price these days. There is just little reason for distracted driving these days. Maybe its just laziness in setting up the systems?? Who knows.

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      Or it could be because of completely impossible pairing steps. On an E90 328i I inherited, you had to go through a bunch on non-intuitive steps and then enter a passcode in order to get the system to accept the phone. I’m not a technophobe by any means but I finally had to plow through BMW’s phone-book thick manual to find out the proper sequence of steps, thinking the whole time that anything would be better than what they designed.

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      “bluetooth” is too broad a term anyway, it could mean car side issues like my car that can store 3 sets of memory seat/mirrors/steering wheel settings and 3 bluetooth paired phone, but not linked. So after setting my seat I’ve to go 4 menu items deep to change the phone over (or just pick up my phone and use speaker phone). To phone side issues like stupid iPhone won’t remember the last song played from BT so it always starts on the same song every time you get in your car. Most user would think it’s a car side problem unless they have BT headsets that do the same stupid thing.

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      What’s distracting about holding the phone to the ear? I always put it on Speaker, so I can hold it down out of sight, and so I won’t be “distracted” by holding it up to my ear.

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        Big Al from Oz

        If holding a phone is distracting you maybe you should hand in your licence. Can you chew gum and walk?

        The distraction is actually in the conversation. Unlike talking to someone in a vehicle the person on the “other” end can’t see you and interpret your reaction to their stimulus.

        Body language is a very significant aspect of interaction between people. Yourself being autistic might have not developed the area of the brain that give us the ability to interpret body language.

        This doesn’t even take into account texting.

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          @BAFO.- Correct, the conversation is the distraction. I’ve got a $20 flip phone just for easy answering on the road. And I can keep the conversation private from others in the car by not hitting the Speaker (center/main) button. Or not answer it at all.

          But why bring up body language? Or texting?

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            You know you’re a different type of car nut when the only time you’ve ever texted while driving is to tell your father you saw a custom-built 2nd-gen Dodge Ram crew cab in the eastbound lane…while hurtling down I-90 west of Mitchell at 75+ mph.

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    The system in my Jetta SportWagen pairs quickly enough to my phone, but the voice command system is absolutely dreadful. It doesn’t even recognize simple names like, for example “Cody”…and I have a news reporter accent (which is to say none at all), so it ought to be able to understand me clearly…

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