While You Were Sleeping: February 23rd, 2015

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
while you were sleeping february 23rd 2015

The shock news of Honda CEO Takanobu Ito’s resignation is the biggest story this morning, but it’s not the only one.

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  • DrGastro997 DrGastro997 on Feb 23, 2015

    Takanobu looks to be holding it back big time. Stepping down from a high position in Japan is a very big embarrassment to himself, his family and the entire Honda corporation. It explains the many suicides that occur after quitting or being fired. Completely different culture than the U.S.

  • Firestorm 500 Firestorm 500 on Feb 24, 2015

    That's called "losing face". It causes them extreme stress.

  • Garagezone Garagezone on Feb 24, 2015

    what a load of hooey! I thought this was a "car site"

  • Johnny ringo Johnny ringo on Feb 24, 2015

    I thought this was supposed to be a web site on cars, not a repository of racist and snide comments. A little discipline, please. Having said that, with the death of its founder Honda seems to have lost its way. The company seems to be drifting with no real sense of direction. With Takanobu stepping down, Maybe Honda can start to find itself again-I hope.