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Hyundai Motor and the South Korean government are coming together to open a hydrogen innovation center to help spur a creative economy.

Just-Auto says the automaker plans to attract startups to the center in Gwangju by granting access to 1,000 unused patents related to said technology:

The centre will focus on nurturing start-ups, providing key infrastructure and creating an “ecosystem” for the hydrogen economy by training workers and strengthening necessary networks.

Hyundai and its investor partners will raise ₩117.5 billion ($164 million USD) to bring the innovation center online, and will be one of 12 centers to be established throughout South Korea over 2015.

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8 Comments on “Hyundai, South Korean Government Opening Fuel-Cell Innovation Hub...”

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    I wonder if Hyundai and Toyota have a problem with hybrids and electric cars? Maybe it’s just a political play or do they really believe in fuel cell/hydrogen fuel?

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      SCE to AUX

      Hyundai has indicated it will be covering all bases over the next 5 or so years, but I wish they’d avoid the FC boondoggle.

      Toyota, of course, has the well-established hybrid technology across its offerings, but they give hate to EVs at every opportunity.

      Seeing how much their home countries are propping up FCs, it’s not surprising they’d be into it. Nissan has wisely chosen to remain “all in” on EVs – rather than FCs – but they could easily lose their lead without a Leaf 2.0 release soon.

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        “I wish they’d avoid the FC boondoggle.”

        S Korea is big on funding fusion power. Though even the most optimistic projections are 30 years away—-and scientists have been saying that for 30 years. but been there have been steady developments.

        Is Hyundai/Korea genuinely see something in fuel cells? Spreading their bets? ….or is this a big jobs program like USA ethanol? you can argue it each ways

        Probably a little of all three.

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      juicy sushi

      Given the opportunity to become divorced from reliance on imported oil for energy needs, why do you think two countries immediately next to China are all in on it?

      And given how much of their own R&D cash has been spent on fuel cell technologies, I think it’s a pretty big indicator of their belief in it. You don’t spend that kind of cash just to play nice with politicians or take advantage of incentives.

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    Korea doesn’t really believe in “start-ups!” There are the huge companies which build your house, car, credit card, loans, phone, and TV. Then there are individual businesses like convenience stores (under national brand name) or restaurants / coffee shops (having your own is common). But start ups in the tech, interesting ideas sense – not so much.

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    “Hyundai and its investor partners will raise ₩117.5 billion ($164 million USD)” Which most likely means Hyundai will pay next to nothing out of pocket, sounds almost like using a celebrity’s name at a fundraiser. If FC takes off, they got some tech in their backyard, if not, they’re not losing their shirt.

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    If Toyota did it then of course Hyundai has to try and do it…No surprise there.

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