General Motors Compensation Fund Sees 51st Eligible Death Claim

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon
general motors compensation fund sees 51st eligible death claim

The compensation fund set up by General Motors in the wake of the February 2014 ignition switch recall confirmed its 51st eligible death claim Monday.

Reuters reports that 4,180 claims were received as of February 1, with the final number expected to rise when all claims submitted with a timestamp of January 31 — the deadline for filing said claims — have been accounted. Of those, fund deputy administrator Camille Biros says over 1,600 claims were filed in January, 700 alone filed between Thursday and the deadline.

Among the claims found eligible for an offer, 51 were linked to deaths, 8 had ties to severe injuries, and 69 were for less-severe injuries. Between $400 million and $600 million has been set aside by General Motors for the offers, the last of which will likely be made late into the spring of this year.

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  • Frantz Frantz on Feb 03, 2015

    So is this the new GM death watch? Sorry, probably far too soon.

  • AmcEthan AmcEthan on Feb 03, 2015

    To think the pinto only had 27 confirmed deaths from its fire issue. GM: above the competition, but below the pinto. GM isn't producing anything good looking or worth the money these days, time for them to sit back and rethink their company.