Automaker Alliance Seek Kelly For Takata Probe Panel

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon
automaker alliance seek kelly for takata probe panel

Concerned with Takata’s ongoing airbag woes, ten automakers are assembling to investigate the supplier, with former NHTSA chief David Kelly likely to helm.

Autoblog reports the alliance — composed of General Motors, FCA US, Ford, Honda, Toyota and five others — are in talks with Kelly to head the investigation effort, with a final decision expected in the near future. Whomever does ultimately lead the probe will have a few questions needing answers, from how Takata’s airbags failed to protect their occupants, to whether or not newer modules will follow down the same road years from now.

The alliance’s investigation panel joins two others in the works: one involving the supplier and helmed by former U.S. Secretary of Transportation Samuel Skinner, the other led by NHTSA deputy administrator David Friedman with help from outside engineers.

As for the supplier itself, Takata’s bottom line is reddening further with a projected ¥31 billion ($264 million USD) loss through the end of FY 2014 in March. The new projection is higher than the ¥25 billion ($214 million) previously forecasted.

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  • R.I.P. Takata 1933- 2015

  • Corey Lewis Corey Lewis on Feb 09, 2015

    Every time I see a Takata story, that name creates a little scene in my head. A very formal Japanese executive in an 80's suit (it's grey pinstripe, and double breasted) is in a room with shoji screens and those mats on the floor. He does not wear shoes. The room is slightly too warm. He clasps his hands while looking at the invisible viewer and does a bow, and says "Ah, Takata-san." very respectfully.