While You Were Sleeping: January 5th, 2015

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
while you were sleeping january 5th 2015

Welcome back to the return of “While You Were Sleeping”, an overnight digest of various news items that didn’t make the cut on TTAC’s homepage.

Think tank click bait, Mansell hawking Mitsubishis and leather engine covers. 2015 is off to a wacky start, but at least you don’t have to waste your time reading individual articles about it.

  • Even think tanks aren’t above click bait: We see the charge of “click bait” leveled at us on occasion – typically when a fan boy’s favorite brand is maligned. But this dubious claim by Navigant Research is a prime example of click bait; making ridiculous, misleading claims in the headline, only to pull a “bait and switch” in the body of an article. If you clicked on their press release, you’d expect to see a story about how “Conventional Gasoline Models are Expected to Represent Less Than Half of Vehicles Sold Worldwide by 2017“. But according to Navigant, “conventional gasoline” means “naturally aspirated”. So, even a turbo engine is outside that definition. Who knew that research funding was falling faster than CPM rates?
  • Mansell’s Mitsus: Former F1 Champ Nigel Mansell is apparently hawking Mitsubishis on the British island of Jersey. The new showroom, run by the ex-racer and his son Leo out of an old Art Deco movie theater, made the move from used vehicles to new Mitsubishis. Mansell, who once owned a Ferrari dealership, drives an Outlander PHEV himself. The plug-in CUV has been a major hit in Europe, but Jersey does not offer the same incentives as the rest of the continent. Instead, the L200 pickup is said to be a popular choice.
  • And they ensure an adolescence of involuntary celibacy as well!: Hidden within this story on the danger of teenage drivers in older cars is a list of sub-$6,000 cars that also offer a adequate crash-worthiness. Young parents will be delighted to know that the choices, like the Hyundai Azera, Kia Sedona and Suzuki Grand Vitara, come with the added bonus of preventing teenage pregnancy or venereal disease.
  • And in unrelated news, I’m wasting my time on this earth: Racing driver Franck Montagny tests positive for cocaine, admits using, may lose racing license. Better to burn out than fade away and all that…
  • Or would you prefer lace?: BMW will apparently have a leather engine cover for the next-gen 7-Series.
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  • Dolorean Dolorean on Jan 05, 2015

    "We see the charge of “click bait” leveled at us on occasion – typically when a fan boy’s favorite brand is maligned." If I remember back fondly, the charge of click-bait historically were leveled in the hey-day of '08 and the world ending GM-Chrysler bailout. Before that it was directed to the political with Oldsmobubble's demise and the rise of the Uber-SUV and Dodge Mega-RAM.

  • Carguy Carguy on Jan 05, 2015

    "BMW will apparently have a leather engine cover for the next-gen 7-Series." Because nothing says luxury like the smell of burning leather.

    • Power6 Power6 on Jan 06, 2015

      Do the lessees even know how to open the hood?

  • Alan I blame COVID, the chip shortage, container shortage and the war in Ukraine. This aggression is evident in normal daily driving of late.
  • Alan $10 000 is a bit rich for a vehicle that most likely been flogged all its life, plus it's a VW. Lots of electrical gremlins live in them.
  • Alan Mitsubishi, Hino and Izuzu trucks are quite common in Australia. Another factor that needs to be taken into account are the cheap Chinese trucks and vans that are entering the market in Australia and becoming more popular as reliability improves, with huge warranties. Businesses want the cheapest logistics. Plumbers, concreters, builders buy many of these in their lightest versions, around 2.5 tonne payload. Hino/Toyota could use the cheaper competitor in Mitsubishi as a competitor against the Chinese. You don't see too many of the Japanese/Asian trucks in the rural areas.
  • 2ACL I think it's a good choice. The E89 didn't get respect due to its all-around focus when new, but it's aged well, and the N52/6HP combo is probably more fun and capable than it's given credit for.
  • Wjtinfwb I can hear the ticking from here...