UAW Local Wins Full Access To VW Chattanooga Factory

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon
uaw local wins full access to vw chattanooga factory

It’s official: The United Auto Workers have won the right to hold meetings at Volkswagen AG’s Chattanooga, Tenn. facility, further paving the path toward full organization.

Chattanooga Times Free Press reports UAW Local 42 reached the third and highest tier of VW’s community organization engagement policy Monday, allowing the local to hold biweekly meetings with plant officials, as well as to reserve and use on-site locations for non-work meetings with staff and employees as needed, access to the factory’s Conference Center for internal employee meetings once per month during non-work hours, and post announcements and information in designated areas.

UAW secretary-treasurer Gary Casteel said the local was ready to take advantage of its new status, beginning by establishing biweekly meetings with both HR and the Volkswagen Chattanooga Executive Committee. The third and highest tier of the policy — and the benefits entailed — is reached when an organizing body nets at least 45 percent of the factory floor’s employees.

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  • Mason Mason on Dec 09, 2014

    If the Germans didn't regret setting up shop in the land of greed they will now.

  • CJinSD CJinSD on Dec 09, 2014

    It's little wonder that VW can't make cars well when they repeat mistakes like this one.

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    • Redav Redav on Dec 09, 2014

      @dolorean You know, you're points would be taken more seriously if you weren't as far in left field as the other comments are in right field.

  • Tekdemon Tekdemon on Dec 09, 2014

    Considering that the cars currently built there aren't exactly selling like hotcakes the UAW might very well just drive more production to Mexico.

    • Dave M. Dave M. on Dec 10, 2014

      Since our house doesn't do UAW, that takes the new CUV off the table for my wife (the design caught her eye for when her car is ready for retirement). Lexus RX it will be. Like Derek said months ago...but any means necessary.

  • Speedlaw Speedlaw on Dec 10, 2014

    Sadly, the UAW has somehow become the poster child for Unions. Most unions are a reasonable response-think how a union would help Wal Mart workers. Maybe they could even get off public assistance. The UAW isn't a typical union.

    • Highdesertcat Highdesertcat on Dec 10, 2014

      speedlaw, public assistance. Would you believe that the Great State of New Mexico is hounding my grand daughter to apply for welfare, food stamps, and a free cell phone because she is not employed? She's not officially employed but she has a place to live, food to eat and some money coming in. She can be on her dad's and her mom's healthcare policies until she turns 26 in three more years. What would she need to be on welfare and food stamps for?