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Do you or yours happen to own one of the models affected by the February 2014 General Motors ignition switch recall? The automaker finally has a replacement ready at your convenience.

AutoGuide reports the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration posted a notice stating GM has all of the parts needed to repair every one of the 2.66 million vehicles covered by the recall, and is urging owners to bring their vehicles in as soon as possible. GM added that it will help owners schedule repairs after work and on weekends, with the procedure to take 90 minutes.

Presently, approximately 1 million units still need to come in, with the automaker proclaiming 60 percent of all vehicles under the original recall have been fixed. The vehicles in question are the 2003-2007 Saturn Ion, 2005-2010 Chevrolet Cobalt, 2006-2011 Chevrolet HHR, 2006-2010 Pontiac Solstice, 2007-2010 Pontiac G5, and 2007-2011 Saturn Sky.

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6 Comments on “NHTSA: GM Has Enough Parts To Repair All Affected By February 2014 Ignition Recall...”

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    For some reason, I have an unhealthy desire to own an HHR SS.

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      Don’t do it! I promise that it isn’t worth it.

      My parents have an HHR. Of the GM cars they or I have owned, it is my least favorite. I’d take my long deceased Olds Achieva over the HHR. I will admit that the HHR has been reliable and inexpensive the own though.

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        Well I know that the car itself is absolute trash as far as build quality and plastic fantastic interiors are concerned, but I’d be buying it for the ability to haul a bunch of stuff… and a bunch of ass… for not a lot of money.

        What specifically don’t you like about it?

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          They have the LS version, so it does not haul ass. In SS form, the HHR will indeed haul ass, haul stuff, and be cheap. These are things that cannot be disputed.

          I don’t like the egronomics of the HHR. It is not a particularly comfortable place to be. The seats aren’t good and visability is poor. The suspension is bumpy and crashy as well.

          While all those things may be true, my parents bought it new in 2006 for under $11K. The only reliability issue was warping brake rotors that were fixed with non-terrible (non-GM) aftermarket parts. They were going to trade it in when they bought a CPO 2012 Lincoln MKZ, but no one wants an HHR with 130K miles. They got rid of a Silverado W/T with 140K miles instead.

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            Cool. Thanks for the explanation. I don’t honestly see myself getting one, but its nice to know that my pipe dreams have legitimate reasons to STAY pipe dreams.

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            My pipe dreams usually revolve around buying a Ford Fairmont woody wagon and addng Fox Body Mustang parts.

            Also, I almost bought and Olsmobile Aurora recently. I came to my senses and put money into my daughter’s 529 plan and my IRA instead.

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