NYC Lowers Speed Limit To 25 MPH For Safety Reasons

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon

Sammy Hagar may not be able to drive 55, but thanks to new legislation limiting rate of travel in New York City to 25 mph, the Red Rocker would be dying to hit the double nickel.

WCBS-TV reports the new limit will affect all streets where no other limit exists, with the first 89 of approximately 3,000 signs going up at “key gateways to the city,” per NYC Department of Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg. An NYC DOT representative added that the stop lights would be recalibrated to reflect the new change.

The move comes on the order of Mayor Bill de Blasio — inspired by pedestrian fatalities linked to speeding — and is part of his “Vision Zero” plan aimed at reducing traffic deaths. Trottenberg stated the reduction would “cut in half” the chances an accident would be fatal, citing research to back up her claim.

While some of the city’s denizens applaud the move, others believe the 25-mph limit is a money grab — $150 ticket if pulled over, $50 if caught by automated law enforcement — and doesn’t change much in the way people drive as it is.

The last time 25 mph was the law was 50 years ago, when the New York Legislature raised it to 30 mph.

Cameron Aubernon
Cameron Aubernon

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  • Speedlaw Speedlaw on Nov 11, 2014

    Lowering the speed limit to 25 means cams at 35 mph. If you left it at 30, a 41 mph threshold for cams wouldn't make money. Look at the NYC DOT page. They specifically ask The State for permission to install more speed cams. They just got cams "near school zones". Already there is a very broad interpretation of school zone, like "off ramps near schools". The City wants Cams all over, not just schools. Just like London. Next year's headline : "NY City asks Albany for 200 more cameras in the face of massive speeding". Vision Zero is a good idea in some areas of the city, but the blanket 25 mph is cash grab of massive proportions. There is a combination of anti car folks with a lot of quiet support from ATS, the contract holder for the Red Light Cams. While cams come down in places with direct democracy, NYC isn't one of those places.

  • Cartunez Cartunez on Nov 11, 2014

    As if I needed another reason to never visit.

  • Stumpaster Stumpaster on Nov 11, 2014

    Oh sure, let's demonize NYC. But if you look at your NYC-based car, your average speed over lifetime is about 25 mph. Go get your kicks on BQE.

  • Brunsworks Brunsworks on Nov 17, 2014

    Jeez--even at the press conference, they couldn't find one of those signs with all the little lights working!