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Jaguar will launch its new XE sedan with a diesel engine in the United States, when it goes on sale in 2016 as a 2017 model.

Because the new Jaguar 4-cylinder diesel engines have not yet met U.S. emissions regulations, Jaguar likely needs time to certify them, and according to Automotive News, wants to launch the XE with the diesel engine, as well as all-wheel drive. Apparently, the now confirmed manual transmission will not be in the cars either.


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22 Comments on “U.S. Spec Jaguar XE Will Get Diesel Engine...”

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    slow kills

    Who buys a diesel with an automatic?

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      Alot of pickup drivers, oh and apparently Jaguar owners now too. Can you get a MB Bluetec in manual? (not sarc I’m really asking)

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        slow kills

        Oh jeez, I forgot that I once drove a diesel automatic, a 1983 MB 240D or something.
        Well, I guess gobs of torque mixes well, but generally the cognoscenti audience of diesels and manuals seems to have great overlap IME.

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      Anecdotal, but even the Jetta TDI seems to be about a 50/50 split between manual and automatic.

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        True, data would confirm or deny. Anecdotally, the few Jetta TDI’s I’ve seen up close were manual.

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          This appears to be a difficult question to answer from public sources, but what I found:

          – The Chicago Tribune reported a 23.5% sales rate of the TDI for VW in 2013.
          – CarMax database had 365 VW cars of models I recognized having a diesel option for 2013, with 59 having the TDI trim, so 16%. Thus, we have an approximation of the “non enthusiast” or “non tightwad” trade in – assuming diesels and manuals are equally appealing to the enthusiast/tightwad, we’ll see them underrepresented by a factor of about 1.5. (By this I mean I threw out the SUVs.)
          – Only four of these have a manual transmission, which is a rate of 6.7%
          – Assuming that the manual transmission diesel has a double tightwad underrepresentation rate of 1.5 x 1.5, we’re still stretching credulity estimating that, across the VW car line, they had a 15% Diesels-with-manuals take rate.
          – Apparently somebody else did a similar calculation from the Carmax database, and they got single digit manual take rates on BMWs and just over 10% for Audis. (
          – Jettas and Passats seem to be the key vehicles for diesel, but only 3 of the 49 on offer have manuals.

          Which leads one to conclude – unless there is a huge, hidden number of bitter clingers that make the diesel+manual grossly underrepresented in the used market, the diesel option is a whole lot more popular than the manual transmission.

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            Now, going the other direction, I tried the same experiment on

            2013 Passats and Jettas
            6,115 on sale
            990 diesel
            So 16% again
            315 with manual
            This may be much more in line with your observations, but just 32% of these have a manual. Adding back the tightwad factor of 1.5, perhaps that gets back to 50-50, but it’s still looking like, even in these Diesel-heavy models, manual isn’t a breakaway winner.

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      Americans who drive through Dunkin Donuts.

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      “Who buys a diesel with an automatic?”

      I did. Does that trouble you?

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      Big Al from Oz

      For the same reason someone buys a V8 with an auto.

      It’s called torque.

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      A lot of VW and Audi buyers, I’m thinkin’.

      We test drove a Passat about 18 months ago. I had no idea it was a diesel until the salesman mentioned it at the end of the drive. Mortified was I that I hadn’t detected it, but it behaved very much like an ICE car.

      Yes, it was automatic. My heart much prefers manuals, but the reality is that modern automatics can deliver equal or better performance.

      Times really do change.

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    That’s just what we need. A diesel Jag.

    Then again, there’s probably more diesel-powered Tata vehicles than there are petrol-powered Tata’s, so this could be a good thing.

    They’ll probably sell a total of 5, but still worth a try, I suppose.

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    IDK… I’ve seen 1 328d and 1 335d on the road. I don’t think people in this segment care about diesels in the US.

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    having driven a few manual diesels, i’d probably go for an auto due to the awful powerband of low capacity turbo diesels

    since jaguar is a luxury car and they exclusively use ZF autos i dont know who would ever buy a manual jaguar thats not a sports coupe

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      Big Al from Oz

      What low capacity?

      Have a look at the modern Euro diesel.

      Do you live in a cocoon?

      Don’t just look at a Super Duty and think all diesels are the same.

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    What it needs is a restyle. The Mazda 6 is a much better looking car and is half the price.

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    Diesel AWD Jag. Jagaru?

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    I certainly see a lot of new Mercedes Diesels around here. My mom has an 05 E320 CDI that she bought new and plans to never sell.

    That car has enough torque from idle to near redline, that a two speed auto would be sufficient for most driving. I think it starts in second by default anyway.

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    I see this being an epic failure, I just don’t see a potential Jaguar owner wanting a diesel.

    Not sure what market research they did, but I really can’t think of a brand more incompatible with diesels than Jaguar.

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