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Following up on the TT Allroad Shooting Brake and TT Offroad, Audi revealed the TT Sportback at the 2014 Paris Auto Show.

This TT adds two rear doors to the original three, along with an 11-inch boost in overall length, a 2.4-inch increase to the width, and an additional 4.7 inches for the wheelbase, no doubt giving plenty of room for the two passengers fortunate to sit in the back. The two rear passenger doors also have frameless windows, just like the TT coupe.

Under the hood, a 2-liter TFSI turbo-four drives 400 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque via a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic to all corners, each bearing a 21-inch wheel mounted on 255/30s, and containing an 18-inch disc. The drivetrain is also efficient at the pump — delivering an average of 33.6 mpg — and off the line; nil to 62 arrives in 3.9 seconds.

Inside, the driver receives their info via a virtual cockpit system inside a 12.3-inch display, which can be operated either via steering-wheel controls or the touchpad on the MMI terminal near the shifter.

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26 Comments on “Paris 2014: Audi TT Sportback Revealed...”

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    Land Ark

    Is this actually going to happen or is it a concept? Since the power numbers are so much higher than the TT/TTS slated for 2016 I assume it’s just testing the waters.
    I’m not sure how this fits into the Audi lineup, but if BMW can make 3 or 4 redundant cars I suppose Audi can too.

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      These figures are not far from the last gen TT-RS (same torque figure, but the RS has 360 hp). Of course, that is with Audi’s in-line 5 cylinder engine. Hard to say whether the car will be produced or even if it is, whether we will get it.

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    I was kind of expecting more. Needs a little more rear overhang I think, to balance the long greenhouse.

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    400/332 from a blown four…

    I’m not a VW fan, but that’s impressive.

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      How reliable can this be? How well will VAG support these “pin-pulled grenades”? With apologies to Jack Baruth.

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        When you really only need it to last the lease term, does it really matter?

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          That’s a good question. What impact will CPO sales/long-term reliability have on the brand? The pin-pulled grenade referred to the CLA AMG turbo 4, the CLA being the litmus test for the amount and sort of tarnish that M-B will develop once those cars are off-lease, clapped-out, rolling garbage.

          In my opinion, it matters. Americans are generally skeptical of German reliability and positively allergic to German maintenance and repair costs. I don’t see a fragile, hi-po drivetrain doing much good for brand image in the US market.

          From the lessors perspective, I agree with you. It doesn’t matter – provided that my leased car doesn’t live in a service bay.

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            First of all, the numbers they sell with this powertrain, if they in fact offer it here, will be quite small. Most of these will be sold with, I’d guess, the S3 or main TT engines. So I don’t see much long term impact if it proves to be unreliable. This is a REALLY niche car.

            Second, how horrible can the reliability of all these Audis (and BMWs) really be? You’d think there would really be an impact on residuals, and therefore lease prices, and it just doesn’t seem to be the case.

            As for this car, I really like it. I have no objection to all the niche vehicles, accept when they look like shit, like BMW GTs, X4s, etc.

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            That’s an excellent point. You’re right, this is a niche vehicle that won’t be seen often so my point about brand image is probably pretty worthless.

            I think Audi and BMW have brand cache for image conscious people. They don’t care about anything except broadcasting the badge and they’ll pay for, and put up with, a lot to make that statement.

            There’s an analogy to attractive, although highly unstable or otherwise flawed partners here. For some people, all of the drama and maintenance is just the price you pay to be seen with something/someone who is pretty.

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      Those are pretty insane numbers for a 2 liter that returns 33 mpg.

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    I’m skeptical of the specifications. It’s a nice looking car, though. It seems that smaller headlight assemblies are back in vogue, a trend I support.

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    Wow. Between the VW XL and this, there is hope for VW design yet. I think this car is gorgeous. More defined roof line than the competition from Stuttgart, and a hell of a lot better looking than any of the BMW hatch cars out there. And I absolutely love the simplicity of the interior.

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    So….Jetta CC?

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    juicy sushi

    Well, if they did an A5 Sportback, then obviously this is no leap in logic.

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    Wouldn’t this just compete with the S3 sedan/ RS3 (if we ever get one)?

    I love it, I just wonder how it handles, and how much it will cost. Looks like VW is possibly building a better Evo / Eclipse than Mitsubishi -_- .

    21-inch wheels are too big though, I hope that’s just for the concept.

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      “Wouldn’t this just compete with the S3 sedan/ RS3 (if we ever get one)?”

      You mean in the sense that the A7 competes with the A6?

      In that same way the ones that are looking for style go for the A7 over the A6, they will go for this.

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    Ugh, an A4 Gran Coupe. Unacceptable. And the chrome filler door is pure tacky. Audi quit ruining my opinion of you.

    I saw a D2 A8L in pearl yesterday and was stricken with it’s elegance. This thing is awful.

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    400 HP out of 2.0 liters, and Mazda gets 150 out of the same displacement for the new Miata?
    How about we meet it somewhere in them middle, Mazda? Yeah, yeah, yours will last five times as long, but still…

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    Give Audi some design that other German brands have been lacking.

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