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Cowboy Bebop At His Computer... Not
A pair of auto manufacturer groups are coming together to form a consortium meant to prevent crackers — the correct term for those whose goal is to give computer security a good thrashing — from busting up a given vehicle’s communication system, one that has the blessing of the federal government.

Automotive News reports the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and the Association of Global Automakers want to help automakers establish firewalls for V2V — vehicle-to-vehicle — and vehicle-to-cloud communications, with the intent for them to share information of a given vulnerability for quick neutralization.

The CEOs of both industry groups sent a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration this summer, proclaiming their joint support of the “mechanism for sharing vehicle cyber-security information, threats, warnings and incidents among industry stakeholders.”

Meanwhile, former agency head David Strickland, doing consulting work for one of the participants of the new consortium, says the group will be called the Information Sharing Advisory Center — a.k.a. Auto-ISAC — when it comes online a year or so from now.

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11 Comments on “Auto Industry Groups Join Forces To Secure Vehicle Communications...”

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    Where did you find that photo–so many things wrong with it.

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      That’s not Cowboy Bebop! That’s Ein and Ed! AAAAARGH!

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      The photo is from a TVTropes (a wiki for info on the “tropes,” or clichés/plot devices, used in pop culture) article entitled “Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.” The article deals with how journalists who don’t understand a certain thing will use grossly inaccurate terms to describe it.

      As that article states (or at least stated last time I was on TVTropes), the only word that caption got right was “at”.

      -Cowboy Bebop is the name of the series, not the character. The title comes from the name of the spaceship on which the main characters live (Bebop) and a slang term in the show for their profession as bounty hunters (cowboys).
      -That character’s name is not “Cowboy BeBop”. _Her_ name is Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, or just Ed.
      -That’s not even a computer, just the monitor.
      -Said monitor doesn’t even belong to Ed.

      We can safely assume, though, that Cameron is almost certainly aware of all this, given the article’s subject of computer security and Ed’s skills at hacking.

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    God forbid that someone would “crack” my onboard data and discover when my next oil change should occur

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    no one worried about causing cars to break suddenly on a highway? or or?

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    ISIS will find, by trial and error, that their most effective method to induce terror and irritation will be to hack the single-person full-size pickup trucks speeding across Texas, and force them to drive at exactly the posted speed limit.

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