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Infiniti Q80 Inspiration

While other outlets heap praise on the Infiniti Q80 and its innovative “1+1+1+1” seating (where all four passengers sit single file behind one another), I instantly recalled the cinematic masterpiece “The Human Centipede” that featured a similar arrangement for a few unfortunate individuals. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

All jokes aside, the Q80 is supposed to preview a future flagship for the brand, one that was mapped out prior to the departure of Johan De Nysschen. The Q80 will debut at next week’s Paris Auto Show.

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36 Comments on “Infiniti Debuts Its Version Of The Human Centipede...”

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    SCE to AUX

    Maybe this is why Andy Palmer got out.

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    SHOTGUN! I get the front. Forever!

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    With a 1+1+1+1 lay-out, the question becomes – why? How is this possibly better than a 2+3 or 2+2? We don’t need narrow cars. Now that question is out of the way, the back reminds me of a 90s JDM Toyota product, but I cannot think which one. Or like a 944 S2.

    Or maybe it was that Nissan thing which was in GranTurismo – which was sort of like an NX2000 but had scissor doors from the factory.

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      If anything basic laws of physics actually suggest we should have shorter and wider cars. A 3+3 setup would be uncomfortable for the middle passenger to slide into but handling would actually improve. The longer the car gets without getting wider just makes the car inherently more unstable.

      Fail on basic geometry/telemetry lesson. :(

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        Richard Chen

        The Honda FR-V/Edix and Fiat Multipla are both out of production. Too bad the FR-V never was offered stateside.

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        You must not have driven an Elise back to back with an Aventador on a narrow, twisty canyon road with a few hundred sport bikes coming at you the opposite direction…..

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        an innocent man

        It’s wider than my Odyssey and over a foot lower. Seems stable enough.

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        “The longer the car gets without getting wider just makes the car inherently more unstable.” That’s not exactly true. Long and slender is MORE stable in that it’s less likely to ‘wiggle’ (i.e. fishtail) than a shorter car; width only limits the amount of body roll. If what you are saying were true, we’d have far more short, fat commercial airliners than we do; they’re all long and slender for in-flight stability.

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    Oy vey

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    Arthur Dailey

    I am a little worried that anyone who considers the Human Centipede to be a “cinematic masterpiece” (or even worth watching) is wandering the streets unescorted.

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    Dude. You never, ever, go ass to mouth.

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    What a great idea! Amazing nobody else thought of this, just what Infiniti needs in its fight to be relevant against BMW.

    I think they missed the boat though. People want CUVs, not sedans, so they should have designed a double decker. 2 upstairs in 1+1 configuration, 2 downstairs in 1+1. Talk about decent driving height! And privacy for each passenger to tap away on their smartphones and avoid each other.

    No doubt about it, Infiniti is on a roll. Like Toyota. Must be radioactivity in the water from Fukushima that is powering these Japanese curiosities.

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    Is this car for the decerning obease owner who is too large to sit next to another human being comfortably?

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    Finally, the companion to the Kuraza concept no one was waiting for!

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      I just googled that concept. Oh dear god! That roof line!

      It’s halfway to being a real world “Homer”.

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    1 + 2 makes sense, put the driver front and center with the 2 passengers side-by-side behind. But this configuration? Stupid… it just makes a long, narrow car with lots of doors.

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    Unless seats 3 & 4 can be rotated to face each other, where’s the fun in this car?

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    Unless seats 3 & 4 can be rotated to face each other, where’s the fun in this car? How will government officials in the Big Growth Market get to the next Party meeting if they can’t reach their mistress?

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    The answer to question no one has asked.

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    Land Ark

    Hub boy… it wasn’t enough to have the swoopy headlights and tail lights that were so popular (and awful) now we get a swoopy C pillar? Greaaaaat.

    I dunno, that looks like every rendering of every concept/design study sedan I’ve seen for about the last 25 years.

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    Derek when are you going to do a piece on the increasing irrelevance of flagship sedans? I think it’s sorely needed. FWD hatches, CUVs, EVs, sports cars, literally every niche but sedans generates more interest for brands like MB and BMW than sedans. Going after their least interesting body form/segment in a bid to gain relevance in a segment people stopped caring about 10 years ago seems idiotic… and yet everyone from Cadillac to Volkswagen is tripping over themselves to do so, while ignoring the segments of vehicles people are actually buying and interested in.

    It’s not like the old days where an S-Class represented something unique and unattainable. A 10 year old S-Class retails for ~$6000. You know how much a 2004 Honda Accord retails for? $4000? $5000? Seven thousand dollars. An S-Class is nothing more than an ornament of wealth, excess, and pining for days long gone. The people who want to and can afford to be seen in a brand new S-Class wouldn’t be caught dead in anything but “the real deal”, and when their lease is up they are on to the next new one. So the pursuance of this market is, in a word, retarded. Especially as sales in the segment continue to decline….

    What is the driver of this flagship insanity?

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    Someone has been looking at VW engines for too long.
    How wide exactly are the seats for them to feel the need to do this in a car that’s even wider than a Ferrari F40.

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    Move over, Porsche Panamera!

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    Perfect car for some hormone-addled kid to take my daughter to the prom.

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    Am I missing a joke here? Surely 1+1+1+1 doesn’t mean single file, but probably something like 4 bucket seats, 2 in front and 2 in back.

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      No, that’s called a 2+2, like a 300ZX 2+2.

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        Or the 2004-2008 Maxima with elite package. :D

        Or, more properly, like the real luxury cars. 2 massaging/gyrating/reclining/heated/cooled/comfortable back seats, massive center console in betwixt.

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        2+2 typically indicates two “real” seats in the front and two tiny “use them in a pinch” seats in the back.

        Taking the nomenclature to its logical conclusion, I wonder if they all get smaller as they go along.

        Seriously, though, I think this car has a full-length console and an overeager marketing wonk.

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    Err…Infiniti says the Q80 features “1+1+1+1” seating, but I don’t think that’s physically possible in a car that isn’t even 200 inches long. Far more likely it’s 2+2 (two single buckets each in the front and back). Perhaps the overzealous use of “1”‘s is meant to accentuate the “specialness” of each seat; a sumptuous throne for all four individuals. No way to be “b*tch” in this car, in other words.

    Also, it may just be me, but part of the allure of these cars is how one alights, and there’s something “minivanish” about passengers “sharing” doors, though having eight doors would be just as silly, and give off a “funeral limo” vibe.

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