Infiniti Debuts Its Version Of The Human Centipede

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
While other outlets heap praise on the Infiniti Q80 and its innovative “1+1+1+1” seating (where all four passengers sit single file behind one another), I instantly recalled the cinematic masterpiece “ The Human Centipede” that featured a similar arrangement for a few unfortunate individuals. Go ahead. I’ll wait.All jokes aside, the Q80 is supposed to preview a future flagship for the brand, one that was mapped out prior to the departure of Johan De Nysschen. The Q80 will debut at next week’s Paris Auto Show.
Derek Kreindler
Derek Kreindler

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  • Voyager Voyager on Sep 24, 2014

    Move over, Porsche Panamera!

  • Bearadise Bearadise on Sep 24, 2014

    Perfect car for some hormone-addled kid to take my daughter to the prom.

  • Cirats Cirats on Sep 24, 2014

    Am I missing a joke here? Surely 1+1+1+1 doesn't mean single file, but probably something like 4 bucket seats, 2 in front and 2 in back.

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    • Dtremit Dtremit on Sep 24, 2014

      @Corey Lewis 2+2 typically indicates two "real" seats in the front and two tiny "use them in a pinch" seats in the back. Taking the nomenclature to its logical conclusion, I wonder if they all get smaller as they go along. Seriously, though, I think this car has a full-length console and an overeager marketing wonk.

  • Philadlj Philadlj on Sep 24, 2014

    Err...Infiniti says the Q80 features "1+1+1+1" seating, but I don't think that's physically possible in a car that isn't even 200 inches long. Far more likely it's 2+2 (two single buckets each in the front and back). Perhaps the overzealous use of "1"'s is meant to accentuate the "specialness" of each seat; a sumptuous throne for all four individuals. No way to be "b*tch" in this car, in other words. Also, it may just be me, but part of the allure of these cars is how one alights, and there's something "minivanish" about passengers "sharing" doors, though having eight doors would be just as silly, and give off a "funeral limo" vibe.