Daimler: Unionization Is For The Employees To Decide

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon
daimler unionization is for the employees to decide

Despite allegations to the contrary, Daimler AG chair Dieter “Dr. Z” Zetsche says his company remains neutral on the subject of unionization in regards to the Mercedes factory in Vance, Ala.

According to The Detroit News, Zetsche says the decision to join the United Auto Workers would be left up to the employees at the plant, adding that, “As long as a company does what they should do with their workers: treat them respectfully and treat them correctly, they are never going to unionize.” He also noted the plant’s employees have opted not to unionize over the past two decades.

At the state level, Alabama governor Robert Bentley claimed that if the UAW did win the Mercedes facility, he would have trouble recruiting more foreign companies to his state, especially those who call Japan and South Korea home.

Meanwhile, the UAW is still pursing its Southern strategy, having already established a new local near the Volkswagen AG factory in Chattanooga, Tenn. in August with the aim of attracting its workers to voluntarily unionize. Union president Dennis Williams said the UAW would “respond to concerns raised by pro-union workers” at the Mercedes plant, as well.

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  • Ant Ant on Sep 08, 2014

    unions r bad. m-kay

  • Onus Onus on Sep 08, 2014

    How about car companies be made into worker cooperatives? This will throw everyone on their head.

  • Big Al from Oz Big Al from Oz on Sep 08, 2014

    The UAW is gradually becoming more desperate. They require funds to exist, so the UAW must increase the size of it's tax base. If the US wanted to remove unions quickly, then tax them like any business. I mean a union attempts to present itself as insurance for the worker. Don't US insurance companies pay tax. If unions have enough money to donate to political parties (mainly left wing socialist) then they obviously can contribute to the country.

  • 28-Cars-Later 28-Cars-Later on Sep 09, 2014

    From many a VW post, I learned officially mfgs must remain neutral under US law. I'd say look for a repeat of the Chattanooga saga complete with improper intervention from the state and local gov't and whining on the part of the Communists when they lose.

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    • Skor Skor on Sep 09, 2014

      @Marcelo de Vasconcellos For many Americans, especially in the South, unions are not just communistic, but anti-Christian. There was a time in the South where just saying the word 'union' would get you lynched....the situation is only slightly better now.