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After showing off the beautiful Peugeot Exalt at a previous auto salon, embattled PSA is showing that the spectre of death breathing down their neck has really focused the company’s attention.At the 2014 Paris Salon, Citroën’s sub-brand DS has prepared an arguably even more stunning concept, the very aptly named Divine.

The car features a prism based decoration motif throughout. Present on the roof, back hatch window and throughout the cabin, the geometric shape underscores a vey definite French chic. Rich leather gives warmth and an organic charm to the creative shapes seen within. As with any modern car, technology abounds and a 10.4 inch touch screen controls functions. The dashboard and steering wheel seek inspiration from fighter jets.

External design is also elegant. Being roughly the same size of a medium compact car (think VW Golf) it is 4.21 m long and sits low and wide. It makes uses of huge 20 inch, 5 spoke wheels. The roof and back hatch really show off the prism motif and are eye-catching and pleasing. The front is aggressive without looking like an alien bug, while heavy creases decorate the sides.

Mechanically, the car is motivated by the well known and highly-acclaimed THP 1.6 L Turbo, already used by some PSA products like the Peugeot RCZ R. This engine is capable of putting out 270 hp and has a massive torque (for such a small car) of 243 lb-ft. In use is an automatic transmission used by pressing buttons on the dash.

This concept appears to be very far from production. However, it underscores the direction PSA is taking Citroën and DS. Taken together with Peugeot’s Exalt concept, it shows the French are back in the design game in a big way.

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14 Comments on “Citroen’s Newest DS Is Divine...”

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    Big Al from Oz

    This concept actually looks good.

    I can’t believe this is from the French. I wonder if a German designer is working for Citroen?

    Will this end up being a rally car with AWD?

    Now that would be nice.

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    Lovely and distinctive. I’d love to know what the coefficient of drag is. If such a distinctive car can have a low cd, that gives the lie to the notion that cars have to look the same.

    • 0 avatar

      True and don’t know the answer. Wish they would’ve put up the other pics as this car looks good from all angles and though similar to the Peugeot internal design hyperlinked in the article, inside it is quite different from what is seen normally, even in concept cars.

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    Well at least they didn’t take design inspiration from a certain other Divine…

  • avatar

    First impression:

    Front via Jaguar; rear via Veloster.

    Need more views to tell for sure.

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    Looks great, I easily agree with that.

    But if I HAD to pick a Citroen DS concept, it would be this one:

    Even more stunning than the one in this article, IMHO.

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      This Is Dawg

      Man I like the concpet photos even more than the render:

      Glad they didn’t stick with those silly beltline accent creases/intakes. That’s a ridiculously good looking car.

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    DS will no longer be a sub-brand as Citroen will move toward low-cost and practical cars. Tavares said it was because they wanted each brand to have a distinct identity but I think the main reason is because the Peugeot family didn’t allow the execs to make Citroen the upscale brand.

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    It has an argyle roof! How cool is that?! I really like it, even the SUV front end they put on it.

    That name though…

    “Oh Divine, she has so much class. Always with her pinky out while she smokin that Newport.”

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    Beautiful. The French have a way with design and naming things when they set their mind to it. Reminds me of one of my favorite concept cars: the Citroen Metropolis. Awesome name, and a car that qualified as a work of modern art if one ever did. Shame they never built it. Hope this one doesnt meet the same fate.

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    Leave it to Citroen to show a true “concept car”. The so-called concept cars of other mfrs over the last decade is nothing more than the last item on the checklist of marketing-affirmation of a production ready car. Also, with apology to TTAC but in the name of properly serving Citroen’s effort, I would suggest you go to Autospies for more pictures of this innovative concept car. The interior has silk elements!! What else can you say about a company that model its 1960 car on a penguin !!! Admit it, even now, you still turn your head to look at a DS or a CX or an SM passing by :-)

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