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This weekend will be the inaugural race for the new American Endurance Racing (AER) series. It’s a run-what-you-brung, take-no-prisoners approach to low-cost endurance competition that welcomes everything from prepped SCCA racers to the cheaty-est of LeMons Class A rides.

As you might expect, former Editor-In-Chief Jack Baruth will be there — but this time, he’s the enemy.

Or maybe not.

Hi. I’m Sam Miller, and despite the photo you see below, I try not to be a crappy driver.


I’ve raced a variety of classes and done a fair amount of professional driver coaching. I’m also a long-time TTAC reader and friend of the Texas TTAC crew. So when the call went out for someone to represent this site against Jack (driving for R&T) and Travis Okulski (driving for Jalopnik) I was at least one of the choices.

This weekend, we’ll be running on the New Jersey Motorsports Park “Lightning” course in a couple of Spec E30 race cars, which are old BMWs with a surprising amount of motor and grip to them. Once we all arrive at the track, we’ll be assigned to our cars and sent out to do battle. It’s possible that they will actually make me team up with Jack while putting Travis together with pro driver Randy Pobst in an unbeatable combination we’ve already nicknamed “Randy Travis”. In which case, look for me to thoroughly humiliate my aging teammate with a series of untouchable laps before handing the car over to him for a lackluster finish.

Yesterday, Jack and I drove from Powell, Ohio to Baltimore in a brand-new Buick LaCrosse eAssist. He says there’s a review coming and something something auto-stop. All I can say is that the back seat is very comfortable.


Today’s practice and qualifying. You can find out more at the AER website. Live timing and scoring will also be available. And if you’re in the area, come out and say Hi!

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9 Comments on “It’s TTAC Vs. R&T And Jalopnik In A Race Of Some Sort...”

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    “Randy Travis.” lolololol.

    I know AER probably isn’t a themed series, but if that’s not their “theme” by the end of the weekend (possibly done when they’re not looking), I will be a saaaad panda.

    Totally not encouraging any shenanigans at all,

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    ‘Randy Pobst’ Done deal, that guy can drive.

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    Oh so Samantha Miller. Makes me think of the “The Little Rascals” film in which the boys are worshipful of a driver named “A.J. Ferguson” whom they’ve obviously never seen sans helmet. When they finally meet, Spanky (who has been proclaiming AJ the best driver ever) exclaims, “You’re a girl!” Although to his credit it does nothing to dim his enthusiasm.

    So Sam, will there be any update or postscript articles for those of us too lazy to check out the AER website?

    Oh and I think Jack should take the Lacrosse around the track until it screams for mercy. That would be a great rental car review.

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    Somehow this is just charming. Even though if Jack can be described as “aging,” I can only conclude that I’m dead.

    I second Dan’s suggestion about the Lacrosse review.

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    That picture is reminiscent of something Patrick Stewart would put on a cake. It disturbs me so.

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    This ought to be good.

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    The Heisenberg Cartel

    Randy Travis. Haaaaaa!!! That needs to be a theme for a Lemons racer!!

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    Someone with as much racing experience as you claim to have would be more appreciative of the benefits of wearing the shoulder belt, even when riding in the back seat. Jack’s recent misadventure in on-road driving proves that anyone can have a serious accident.

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      Sam P

      Dan Gurney and Brock Yates drove across the United States in a Ferrari Daytona in 1972 during the first “Cannonball Run”, at speeds sometimes exceeding 170 mph without seat belts.

      Yes, the Ferrari Daytona came with belts. No, I’m not saying it was a smart thing to do.

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