Linde North America Receives $4.3M To Build Two NoCal Hydrogen Stations

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon

Silicon Valley startup bros looking to trade in their Teslas and Prii for FCEVs and Mirais will soon have two fueling options available from gas giant Linde North America.

Autoblog Green reports Linde received a $4.3 million grant from the California Energy Commission to build two fueling stations in Oakland and San Ramon. The Oakland location will be at Oakland International Airport, while the San Ramon station will be next to Toyota’s regional office and parts distribution center for the Bay Area.

Linde’s two stations are part of 13 such stations in NoCal to be funded through the CEC’s Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program, joining 15 hydrogen stations in SoCal. Eight applicants in total won grant funding from the program, whose goal is to have 100 stations in operation within 10 years. The program receives $20 million annually from the California state legislature.

Cameron Aubernon
Cameron Aubernon

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  • RogerB34 RogerB34 on Aug 07, 2014

    Several articles CA newspaper warning of increase in gasoline tax by up to 15 cents beginning Jan 2015. Levied by the appointed California Air Resources Board. Whenever they see the overriding social benefit. On another front, state subsidies for diapers for the disadvantaged has been proposed. Why not?

    • Bosozoku Bosozoku on Aug 07, 2014

      I'd much prefer to see condoms and birth control subsidies for the disadvantaged.

  • SCE to AUX SCE to AUX on Aug 07, 2014

    Hydrogen is the most slippery gas there is. I prefer the relative safety of Nissan's lithium ion: "" The only good thing about these fueling stations is that nobody will use them.

  • Mick White Mick White on Aug 07, 2014

    BEVs can only be a niche product long-term, because the infrastructure will still need to be there in order to support transport, on-and-off-highway trucks, boats, residential heating, industrial and commercial backup power, etc. That infrastructure, like it or not, is likely going to be natural gas. Which is why I'm most interested in the development of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells. As they replace the stand-alone generator market, their cost will decrease. Batteries cannot cover the whole spectrum of what ICE's currently cover. Fuel cells (particularly ones that run off petrol/diesel/gas) can. For now, fuel cells should be encouraged by the enthusiast community. They would also be great for sports cars and muscle cars, because range extension with a 17kg fuel cell could nearly double the highway fuel economy, while still maintaining the engine/transmission of choice for acceleration and 'track' purposes. Can't wait until they can also run off the same fuel as is already in the ICE vehicle's fuel tank.

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    • Pragmatist Pragmatist on Aug 09, 2014

      @Pch101 Campers etc have used semi standard (cheap) swappable propane tanks for years. This need not be that much different.

  • Martinwinlow Martinwinlow on Aug 08, 2014

    So, that's 2 in NoCal and 3 (currently) in SoCal… only another 120,000 to go to bring parity with the number of US gas stations! Please write to your MC pleading them to do what they can to stop this lunacy before too much more money is poured down the drain. MW