General Motors Expands Ignition Website To Cover 20 Affected Models

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon

Once reporting information on the group of vehicles affected by the February 2014 recall, General Motors’ website on the matter recently expanded to cover all 20 vehicles affected by the original and subsequent recalls over ignition problems.

Reuters reports now has information available for the 15 million owners of 20 affected vehicles — from the Chevrolet Cobalt to the Camaro and Impala — with ignition switch issues. The site came online in April of this year, focusing upon the handful of 2003 through 2007 GM models caught up in the February 2014 recall of 2.6 million units.

In addition, CEO Mary Barra penned a letter to 1.9 million customers from the original group, pushing them to take their vehicles in for repair work. The majority of the letters focused on those who had yet to order the parts needed to fix their vehicles, with the remaining 875,000 reminding owners who had placed their parts orders to bring their vehicles to dealers for repairs to begin.

Speaking of repairs, GM said around 800,000 of the original 2.6 million recalled had been repaired. Representative Alan Adler stated, on average, 80 percent of GM owners affected by a recall bring their vehicles in for repair work within a year of notice, and 85 percent by year two. He added that both the website expansion and the letter campaign were efforts by the automaker to have all vehicles with defective ignitions to come in for repairs.

Cameron Aubernon
Cameron Aubernon

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