Cadillac Considers Shifting Some Operations To NYC

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon

As part of brand boss Johan de Nysschen’s overall plan to boost its image outside of the United States, Cadillac is considering moving some of its functions to New York City.

Reuters reports the move to Manhattan would affect marketing, advertising and strategy, putting physical and cultural distance between the three and the rest of the brand’s operations in Detroit. The move would also bring new talent that Cadillac may not have obtained if everything remained within the Motor City.

This would not be the first time such a move occurred under de Nysschen’s watch. As head of Infiniti, he moved the brand’s team to Hong Kong in an effort to gain outside input and autonomy beyond parent company Nissan’s influence.

Cameron Aubernon
Cameron Aubernon

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  • Buickman Buickman on Aug 22, 2014

    seeking creative talent is good but GM wouldn't know it if they found it. so save the money and stay put. maybe the new guy thinks by changing "something" he might last longer than the last few fellas.

  • Wallstreet Wallstreet on Aug 22, 2014

    They ought to move to TX. Toyota gets it.

  • Stanczyk Stanczyk on Aug 23, 2014

    Moving it to hipsters NYC simply means they will focus more on 'social-media' PR & markeking and less on cars.. and yes , their next move is to go to Asia, .. so your traditional Cadillac will be focus more on 'nouveau-riche chinesse' than traditional american 'focus group':) . Who will stop corporation$ these days :)

  • MRF 95 T-Bird MRF 95 T-Bird on Aug 23, 2014

    Moving some Cadillac operations such as PR and marketing here to NYC is not a bad idea. Especially considering Madison Ave is here. There is a fair amount of office space that is reasonably priced and there is more being built or refurbished. Sure we have great mass transit, lots of walking, in recent years a bit more of a biking culture but it's not all anti-auto yuppies. There is a new automobile row on 11th Ave in the West 50's that has a number of dealerships such as MB, Audi, VW, Ford/Lincoln and a Fiat dealer eh studio. Wall St. has a BMW dealer and there is a Maserati dealer in Tribeca. Additionally there are plenty of outer borough dealers and a large technical service school in College Point Queens. If you look at history back in the 20's-30's some Rolls Royce/Brewster models were manufactured here in LIC.