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The next-generation Nissan Titan will make its debut in Detroit, at the 2015 North American International Auto Show.

The next Titan is a make or break product for Nissan, which has seen its half-ton entrant fare poorly in the segment, failing to gain ground on Detroit’s trucks or the Toyota Tundra. But Nissan has invested a lot into the new Titan, from poaching Ram’s truck guru to getting a diesel V8 engine as an optional powertrain.

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27 Comments on “Next Nissan Titan Will Make Detroit Debut...”

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    It wins awards for being too expensive and having worse reliability than it’s competitors, while at the same time using the most fuel.


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    You mention that the Titan failed to gain ground on the Tundra and Detroit’s trucks, but you forgot about Ram, which has been increasing share the most.

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      You forgot to mention that Ram’s increasing share is completely irrelevant to that paragraph, which is about the Titan, not the pickup market as a whole.

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    An employee has one, crew cab 4×2 that is several years old and driven quite hard and put away wet. It has been dependable for her other than the death of the AC system and slow dimming of the radio display, but otherwise fine.

    However trucks are so popular here in Northwestern New Mexico that even Mahindra could sell trucks here if the price was right.

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      King of Eldorado

      Especially Mahindra, because NW NM includes a large portion of the Navajo Nation and thus has a lot of “Indians” (sorry; I couldn’t resist…).

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    I admit, I have to admire Nissan America’s “never give up” attitude here. Even if it doesn’t make the most sense from a business standpoint.

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      I don’t know if it doesn’t make business sense. These things aren’t exactly Sentras. I’m sure they have way more meat on the bone left over for discounts and still heavy profits.

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    Theres 0 reason to buy one of these over a F150, especially once the new aluminum body ones come out.

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      The only reason I can think of is that the Titan seems like the sort of “Lame Duck” (as Mr. Lang seems to call them) vehicle that you can make a deal on. It’s either cut a deal or the truck languishes on the lot. Or the dealer finds a sucker to pay $40k for a Titan.

      Other than that: no, there really isn’t a good reason.

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      I can’t think of any reason to buy this over an F-150, Ram, or Silverado – all the domestic full size pickups seem pretty good these days.

      For the folks that want a full sized pickup, but don’t want a Detroit product, I can’t think of any reason to buy this over a Tundra either.

      The current Titan seems seriously out of date and uncompetitive, but even if the new model is fully class competitive, I have a hard time imagining that it will set the sales charts on fire.

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        This article is about the new redesigned version coming out. Not the the one that came out in late 2003 as a full size Japanese entrance for MY2004. Nissan has done very little but incremental changes to it since then. Of course it is not competitive tech-wise. You could have it in crewcab or extracab with 4×4 or 4×2. Only one drive train. I have personally owned 2 4×4’s, a 2006 and 2009 which I bought for work trucks. Still have the 2009. MSRP’s were even with domestics but there are and were severe discounts. The 2009 SE 4×4 cost me 23.5K out the door in MT after some 10K in discounts. Thing is solid and simple compared to more modern designs and the drive train is under rated. Damn near “sporty”. The Nissan 5.6 is a great engine. Gets high teens MPG going 85+ on MT highways full of dirty surveyor kit. Basic maintenance. These rigs are under rated plus something like 85% ‘Murican content. I, for one, am looking forward to checking out the new ones.

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        The tundra is it’s own reason to buy a tundra as the used prices and lack of new discounts show. I contend that with more configurations an HD diesel and expanded capacity a new tundra could pose a real threat to the volume sellers. It’s a market toyota has no interest in though.

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    Jeff S

    Those that I know that have Titans have had very good service from them. The problem with Titan is it is on the high end of the price range and it is a pig on fuel. Maybe if they put the Cummins diesel in it it will be better. Also trying to compete in the large truck market in the US is hard because of the intense product loyalties of GM, Ford, and Ram truck owners.

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    I worry what a diesel V8 will do to payload ratings on a half-ton.

    And I worry what they’ll charge for it.

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    Have you ever driven behind a Titan? From behind the axle pumpkin looks puny. The engine sounds great and the cab is roomy. But I have always wondered about the long term durability of a truck with such a tiny looking rear axle (perhaps someone can explain this to someone who used to think a Jeep needed a Dana 60).

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      The rear axle in the Titan is the Dana 44, it is a great place to score an E locker for your Scout or Jeep with a Scout axle swapped in or any other vehicle that came with a Dana 44. The Dana 44 is a pretty stout axle but I imagine if the Titan was big with the lift it a mile high and put 40″ tires on it there would be a lot of snapped axles on them considering the weight of the Titan. On the other hand the D44 was found in the front of virtually every US built 3/4 ton 4×4 in the 60’s and 70’s, though in the 70’s GM started using their 10 bolt pumpkin with the rest being purchased from Dana or they gave Dana their pumpkin and had them put the tubes and knuckles on.

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      As Scoutdude said, the Titan’s rear is a Dana 44, which was the go-to front axle back when 4×4 half tons used solid front axles. FRONT axle. I don’t think it’s adequate for use in the rear when towing or hauling heavy loads. When I lived in Georgia a co-worker bought one of the first Titans to tow his travel trailer and had rear axle trouble with it multiple times.

      The Titans sound good….from behind or outside the truck. I snagged one as a rental once and the drone at 65mph was ear-splitting. By the end of my trip I had such a splitting headache I was nauseous. The only way to get relief was to drive below 60 or above 72…so I went faster and averaged short of 17mpg (I pull that down in my 2002 Ram at 80). It was a comfortable-riding, well-handling truck; I could never drive one.

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      It’s not the rear diff that was a huge problem (although it did not have LSD which seems like a really dumb idea), it was the front axles and differential that would constantly puke. If it were a one or two model year problem with a fix, that would be forgivable, but they kept doing it for every MY since release with no permanent fix. See forums
      I drove a Titan briefly and preferred it over a comparable F150 of the same vintage, but it’s hard to take it seriously with chronic driveline problems. Hopefully now that they’ve had a decade of them, Nissan has decided to get serious build a decent powertrain.

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    And no, a Jeep CJ5 did not need the humongous Dana axle I put on it….but it helped the resale.

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    I remember how hyped this truck was before and during release. Even extended spots on how designers sweated the tie-down system in the bed. It seems hype translates to a thud in most vehicles.

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      Quality was hit and miss, mostly miss, but these things drove like go karts by 2004 truck standards. They had the 2nd highest death rate of any vehicle in the IIHS surveys for a reason.

      Problem was, they got here just in time for gas prices to collapse that bro truck segment out from under them and a 7 second, 12 mpg toy didn’t much appeal to anyone else. Nissan sold a quarter million trucks in the first three fat years, gas hit $4, and they struggled to move 2000 a month ever since.

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        I found that sporty handling translated to a cra shy uncontrolled ride on chunked urban roads when the shocks started to go. Atleast the big three trucks defaulted to squishy road manners as they aged. Also the interior of a Titan makes my 04 silverado feel comfy if not hardly quality.

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    Jeff S

    @ajla–There was an article on pickup about Nissan offering the Cummins V-8 diesel on the next generation of Titan. There was some talk of an HD half ton version of the Titan.

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    I’ll be interested to see Nissan’s effort on this. An upgrade is loooonnnggg overdue. Nissan’s current parts bin currently contains the makings of a pretty competitive pickup. They have a 5.6L DI V8 that puts out 400 hp and 413 ft/lbs of torque with a 7 speed auto. The new 5.0 Cummins diesel. And don’t forget the 2500 and 3500 versions of the NV van, which is basically the current Titan. One has to imagine that they could enter the HD truck market fairly easily if they chose to.

    Just as long as the base model doesn’t come with the 3.5 and a CVT. (Ha!)

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    At the time it was released, the Titan had the best interior room (back seat) of any crew cab (it’s the reason I bought my 2004), and the engine was very sweet as well. Other ideas have since been copied by the Big Three and Toyota: bed rails etc.

    I later bought a 2006, which I still own. Almost 180,000 mostly trouble free miles. The exhaust manifolds may develop tiny cracks, other than that mine have been very dependable.

    I wouldn’t buy one now, since the design is too dated, but I’ll definitely check the new one out next year.

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    I may be in the minority here, but I still like the Titan and think the styling has aged well. Too bad the powertrain is dated and such a gas guzzler. To me the Silverado & F150 look a little dated and geriatric. The RAM looks great but still not sure about Chrysler quality.

    Another thing that I like about the Titan is that it seems to be the only full size truck that still has real ground clearance with the 4wd version.

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    If this comes out with the Cummins engine………..we could see that engine resurrect Titan just like it resurrected Dodge.

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