GM Recalls 3.36M Vehicles Over Ignition Problem

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon
gm recalls 3 36m vehicles over ignition problem

In today’s digest: General Motors issues another ignition-related recall; has fixed a handful of those affected by the original ignition recall; and unveils plans for three new compacts to be sold in emerging markets.

Autoblog reports GM has issued six total recalls of some 3.41 million North American vehicles built between the start of the new century and the present:

  • 2000 – 2005 Cadillac Deville; 2004 – 2005 Buick Regal LS, GS; 2004 – 2011 Cadillac DTS; 2005 – 2009 Buick Lacrosse; 2006 – 2008 Chevrolet Monte Carlo; 2006 – 2011 Buick Lucerne; 2006 – 2014 Chevrolet Impala: Ignition switch; 3.36 million recalled
  • 2013 – 2014 Cadillac ATS; 2014 Cadillac CTS: Shift cable/bracket separation in automatic transmissions; 68,887 recalled
  • 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500 HD; 2015 GMC Sierra 2500/3500 HD: Potential poor connection of power steering hose clamp connection to power steering pump; 57,192 recalled
  • 2011 Cadillac CTS AWD: Premature rollover airbag deployment linked to gasket leak between constant velocity joint and rear propeller shaft; 16,932 recalled
  • 2014 Chevrolet Corvette: Premature passenger seat side airbag deployment linked to unbelted child and door trim in models with the Competition Sport Seat option; 712 recalled
  • 2014 – 2015 Chevrolet Silverado; 2014 – 2015 GMC Sierra: Movement of driver-side all-weather floor mats due to missing attachments in vinyl-floor models; 184 recalled

The automaker expects to take a $700 million charge in addition to the $400 million already forecast for Q2 2014.

Regarding the original ignition-related recall of 2.6 million vehicles back in February of 2014, Bloomberg reports 154,731 of the affected models have been fixed thus far. GM has also shipped 396,253 repair kits around the world to help dealer service bays repair the problem. Production of the parts has been non-stop for its supplier Delphi, where the line has been going strong through multiple shifts seven days a week.

Finally, J ust-Auto says the automaker plans to unveil three new compact vehicles under the Amber project. The new compact sedan, SUV and hatchback will be designed in Europe and assembled in Brazil, with the finished products heading for emerging markets such as Brazil, Russia, India, Mexico et al. Potential global production is expected to reach between 1 million and 1.2 million units annually beginning around 2018 at the earliest.

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  • APaGttH APaGttH on Jun 17, 2014

    Of this latest round of recalls, I don't think any of them had the 3.1 or 3.4 engines, and most are out of the Dexcool problem era. For the W-bodies specifically they are 3.8L V6 both NA and supercharged, 3.6L V6, and a handful of LS4 5.3L V8s. Say what you want about GM W-bodies but the 3.8 60 degree V6 with the 4-speed auto is pretty darn near indestructible. The only way to really kill that combo is complete, total, abject neglect.

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    • Ajla Ajla on Jun 17, 2014

      "Say what you want about GM W-bodies but the 3.8 60 degree V6 with the 4-speed auto is pretty darn near indestructible." Every Buick V6 has a 90-degree bank.

  • BrettonPoint60 BrettonPoint60 on Jun 21, 2014

    What a sad story both for GM and its loyal customers. I have to say, I like new cars, I mean I really like new cars!! A very expensive weakness I am afraid. In the last fifteen years I have bought two new Caddys, one wonderful and one terrible. Also bought a new Buck Lucerne, which was trouble free but just too big and boat like. Included in that period I have bought two new Avalons, the first was trouble some the second was very nice. Now driving a 2011 Camry Hybrid, mileage is sensational and the ride very pleasant but boring as hell.Noican not explain to you why it is boring. Will add my feelings Toyota dealers, Toyota dealers are the worst I have encountered. When things are fine with your Toyota's the dealers are wonderful, free sandwich's coffee etc, but during problems they are inflexible and hostile especially here in Fla on the east coast Stuart area. Toyota's in my experience are well built good vehicles but as I said in my experience the dealers are scum and detract from the enjoyment of the vehicles.

  • Kwik_Shift A manual bug eye WRX wagon (2001-03) would interest me more.
  • El scotto Ferrari develops a way to put a virtual car in real time traffic? Will it be multiple virtual players in a possible infinite number of real drivers in real time situations?This will be one of the greatest things ever or a niche video game.
  • El scotto It's said that many military regulations are written in blood. Every ship's wheel or aircraft joystick has a human hand on it at all times when a ship or aircraft are under power. Tanks, APC's and other ground vehicles probably operate under the same rules. Even with those regulations accidents still happen. There is no such thing as an unmanned autopilot, ever. Someone has to be on the stick at all times.I do not think MB understands what a sue-happy nation the USA is. The 1st leased MB in a wreck while this Type 3 "Semi-Autonomous" driving, or whatever it is called, will result in an automatic lawsuit. Expect a class action lawsuit after the 1st personal lawsuit is filed. Yes, new MB owners can afford and ever are lawyers.Mercedes Benz; "The best wrecks or nothing!" Oh and has anyone noticed that Toyota/Lexus and Honda/Acura, the gray suit with white shirt and striped tie, automobile companies have stayed away from any autonomous driving nonsense?
  • Merc190 Very streamlined but not distinctive enough for a Mercedes. And besides, the streetcar of the early 20th century seems a far more efficient and effective method of people moving in essentially an autonomous manner. A motor car is meant to be driven with proper attention to what's important in every situation. To design it otherwise is idiotic and contradictory.
  • Abqhudson Passenger seating in recent accords has been unacceptable with my 5’2” wife forced to look at the dash while sitting in the hole provided.