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As expected, TTAC’s Best and Brightest called it: the 2015 Camry has Chernobyl-grade DLO FAIL.

Or maybe that’s heavily tinted glass?

I consider myself lucky I’m not attending the NYIAS, this would make my head go explodey all over the show floor.

No transportation designer, wannabe like me or otherwise, wants to see that gigantizoid of a hunk of black plastic go into production.  The years of thankless hard work, the brutal cost of design school on your wallet/social life, etc shouldn’t turn into this.

There was nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with the 2014 Camry’s greenhouse: it was sleek-ish and a completely DLO FAIL free zone before the redesign.  It was a beautiful thing. And now it’s gone.

Thanks for reading, I hope you (can still) have a lovely week.

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71 Comments on “Vellum Venom Vignette: 2015 Camry Regression Analysis...”

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    Kyree S. Williams

    My sentiments exactly.

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      I’m a bit disappointed at the stylists focusing too much on the rear quarter rather than taking the car as a whole.

      Looking a few more pics from the show, the new camry feels very much like the Sonata Hybrid. Same theme of aggro grill and foglamp angles with stronger character line and thin cabin silhouette.

      It’s a good look for the company’s aesthetic and injects some much needed character into the line-up.

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    Mine too, though at least Toyota imparted some styling and detail flair to this hunk of DLO failure, as opposed to the plastic blank panel abominations tacked onto the Cruze, Focus, and Civic.

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    “Or maybe that’s heavily tinted glass?”

    Not a chance. The Volvo 940/960/S90 is the last car I can think of which had two windows in the rear door plus a windowlet in the C-pillar. Can’t think of any modern sedan which has more than two rear windows on each side.

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    Wow: with such sporty looks I’m sure it’ll be a corner carver on the track amIright???

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    Richard Chen

    Camry’s had the same basic C-pillar design since the end of 2001, we have one of that vintage.

    I guess it was time for a change, but barely like the current Avalon’s C pillar.

    As for roadholding, they should have a 2015 XSE lime green Jack Baruth special.

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    I think they were trying to visually make that pillar more slender. Hard plastic or not, sleek pillars are much better than the fat pillars seem everywhere today.

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    Matt Foley

    That’s the biggest fake window I’ve seen since Pontiac discontinued the notchback Fiero.

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    Get a grip folks . The Camry is supposed to be boring as watching paint dry . Both in styling – performance [ surely you jest goldtownpe … surely you jest ] – handling etc .

    Why ? Because thats what Camry owners and potential buyers want . They themselves having all the daring and originality of toasted white bread and butter . As my Brit friends and associates call the Camry : Its a Refrigerator on Wheels and intended to be an Appliance .. not a source of entertainment/fun/adventure or automotive joy

    Now is that a bad thing in light of the numbers Toyota sells ? Why no it is not ! They’s plenty oh boring as nails folks out there [ the majority in fact ] in need of solid /reliable and dependable transportation that does nothing to shake up their monochromatic and boring little lives . And the Camry fits their needs to a tee .

    So … TTAC as well as TTAC posters … quit the whinging already – shut yer cake holes [ as my Brit buddies always say ] and deal with it . Its a Camry … Nuff said !


    As to New Car Auto Shows these days though Mr Mehta ? If you’re a wise man you’ll be hoping to h*ll you never have to attend another new car auto show ever again . Rows upon rows upon rows … [to borrow and paraphrase a bit from the Bard ; Woody Guthrie ]… of ‘ Little boxes .. on the show floor … and they’re all made of Ticky Tack and they ALL look the Same ‘

    Last time I did it was the Geneva/Detroit/KC trifecta … each more boring and vapid than the previous

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    That C-Pillar has avenged the Dodge Avenger!

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      I rode in an Avenger once. Once. 12 hours from Denver to Sioux Falls, SD.

      It was okay. Our family has literally not spent any appreciable amount of time in a sedan since, like, 1989, so we thought the hole in the backseat going to the trunk was pretty neat. By the time we got done, we had filled the trunk up with garbage.

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      I had an Avenger as a rental about five years ago. It was terrible in the busy rush hour San Francisco traffic due to the lack of visibility. Quick lane changes always felt like a gamble.

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    > No transportation designer

    Always thought it was interesting that’s what stylists call themselves.

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    You know… the ’15 Camry and I were on really good terms until you just had to go on and point out one of the thorns in your side.

    Now the thorn in your side is officially the thorn in my side. Like a bad song stuck in someone’s head.

    Thanks again for spreading your virus, Chief.

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    Its awful. Plain and simple. Its like a Chinese knock-off of a Chinese knock-off. It’s the Cheshire cat of mid-class sedans, literally while I’m looking at the photos, the car is disappearing into oblivion, and no smile will remain. Fail, DLO and all.

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    Note to Toyota; Ugly does not equal aggressive.

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    The Heisenberg Cartel

    Huh. Maybe Acura’s actually doing a pretty good job. I guess I can thank Toyota for the perspective

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    Thanks for RUINING the show, Toyota! Yeah, whatever.
    They’ll be laughing their way to the bank. Again. Still. And Camries will continue, unaffected, to be legitimately listable as “liquid assets” on the middle-class’ net worth worksheets.

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    What the heck is a DLO?

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    My god it’s the grill….it’s the grill
    Get a stick and kill the grill

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      It amazes me how many cars are copying the Mitsubishi black-out Evo “mouth” grill now – just as Mitsubishi seems to be getting away from it.

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    I thought all the hate would be reserved for the 4Runner/Lexus/Battlestar Galatica Cylon lookalike grill. To me, the rest of the vehicle looks great. To each their own.

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      No, no, no… You may NOT think for yourself regarding the grill. Or said little black plastic useless false-window thingy.

      You see, the very presence of that grill and little black plastic thingy has to kill any and all benefits of this ’15 Camry. You must comply or prepare to be a traitor and be shunned indefinitely.

      If you disagree, you… will… perish…!

      Now go get your cup, all of TTAC has made up a special batch of Kool-Aid for you. And fill it all the way up, for you must drink.

      And if you think that’s fun, later on, we’ll pi$s for distance.

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    A good thing gone horribly wrong. Did Toyota headhunt designers from Nissan??? Despite the disappointment I have a feeling Toyota will sell it like crazy…

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    Worthy successor to the 2007 Sebring……….ROFL

    The 2015 Chrysler 200 sure looks a lot better than this desperate failed Camry restyle and the new Sonata which looks like a used car right off the assembly line. Whoever signed off on this new Camry should be banned from the car business for life.

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    Much like on the Lesabre Grand National, this was obviously done to help the Camry during NASCAR events.

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    This car is just horrible. You would think with such stiff competition these days they would step up their game, instead they made it worse. It is butt ugly outside and still looks old and dated inside. Why would anyone buy this over an Accord, Sonata or Fusion and a whole lot of other cars? Everything in this segment is getting better except this car.

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      Kyree S. Williams

      It may be a lot of things, but “old” and “dated” aren’t any of them. I’d place that honor on the Passat, or on Mazda’s 6 for its antiquated infotainment system that would actually (for the first instance *ever*) compel me to buy the base-model version of the car.

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    i really liked the subtle boxiness of the current camry. toyota is almost going Korean with their styling direction..

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    Because you made me look it up and I think this was better than a one liner in a comment found above-


    The expression derives from ‘Day Light Opening’ and is used to describe the graphic shape of a car’s side glass. The DLO is the strongest and most important graphic element of a car’s design, as it provides the opportunity to create a major contrasting surface which can be employed to flatter or accentuate a form.

    Where there’s graphic continuity, it may also include the front and/or rear screens. This notion has really only been convincingly achievable since the advent of flush glazing and bonded front and rear screens which additionally enabled non-opening pillars to be glazed over.

    The desired effects work best with lighter colours which contrast strongly with relatively dark tinted glass, blacked-out pillars, cheater panels and internal window ‘masking’. (This is the reason most cars are designed in silver) To add further emphasis – or to add some in the case of dark-colored cars – the DLO may be ‘outlined’ with a bright strip.


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      >> Because you made me look it up and I think this was better than a one liner in a comment found above-

      But I think the one liner was funnier. DLO has come up before and the regulars here are familiar with the term. Just google “ttac DLO”.

      Once I provided the definition of DLO, it was my hope anyone who wanted to know more would google it… just as you did.

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    I was quite impressed by the pictures and the new look until I noticed that new c pillar window was a fake applique and now it’s all I can see. Still I think it’s overall a big improvement for a facelift

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    Nobody without a car guy gene (i.e., all CamCord buyers) will care about this DLO thing any more than they care about, say, Van Cleef and Arpels pour homme having become bug spray.

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    What about the A post equivalent… The small window in front of the door? Early 90s Aerostar calling!

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    Darren Tate

    Worst greenhouse extension in recent memory. What’s next, Toyota? Landau roofs?

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    This car is also an extreme perpetrator of Grill Opening Fail, which bothers me at least as much as DLO fail. In the frontal shots you can see that the actual radiator opening is a small unstyled rectangle in a see of black plastic faux aggressiveness.

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    DLO fail or not, it looks very GM-esque to me….

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    It is very 1988 Corolla-esque. Why Toyota? The Camry never had that ugly molding on any iteration. Why start now? And why 30 years so late? This is stuff id expect to see on a mid 1980’s Corolla. Not a 2015 Camry. Oh gawd……On Toyota’s website in shock. Its real! Well, im sorry but this is Camry’s equivalent to ’96 Taurus. Way to hand over the sales crown Toyota. Hideous. Maybe we complained about the blandness too much but Camry bland wasnt a bad thing….the 2014 Car looked better overall than this frankenstein……

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    Leave it to Toyota to make each new design look worse than the last.

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