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To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Mazda MX-5, Mazda brought out a number of historically significant Miatas. Some, like the Coupe Concept (above), the Mazdaspeed MX-5 and the Super 20 are well known.


But how about the 500,000th car produced, or the 1998 prototype that eventually became the 1999 Miata? They’re all in the gallery below.

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23 Comments on “New York 2014: 25 Years Of Miatas...”

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    Pretty much the landmark for an affordable sports car. I don’t know who to thank more, Bob Hall, Mr Matano, and the others who pitched the Miata concept to Mazda, or to Mazda corporate, who listened and evidently agreed to almost all specifications that were pitched: IRS, front engine-rear drive, four-wheel disc brakes, twincam motor, a convertible top you can raise or lower with one hand in 10 seconds, PPC backbone chassis, room for two six-plus-footers. Happy 25th, MX-5.

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    That gold one would really look good as a convertible! (I know it’s old, but I couldn’t resist.)

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    Anything that would tickle my fancy?

    I see a lot of boring “me too” cars but nothing that stands out.

    Not in regards to the Miata but as far as NYAS displays.

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    I need to be able to take someone and their suitcase to the airport. Shooting brake, please!

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      Rod Panhard

      You don’t need a shooting brake. What you need is to use soft luggage. One fits in the trunk. Then you put the top down, and another fits behind the seat on the package shelf. And if they’ve got skis, the top is going to be down anyway.

      The other advantage to Miata ownership is that these cars save you a ton of money at places like Costco and Sam’s. Why? Because those stores specialize in selling you large packages of stuff you don’t need. If it doesn’t fit in the Miata, you don’t need to own it. The exception to that is a TV, but you probably buy that on Amazon anyway and the UPS guy brings it in his truck.

      Golf clubs fit, but you have to take them out of the bag.

      One of the most revealing moments of sports car ownership occurred one Sunday when I drove my friend’s Cayman S, and then my 1993 Miata. The Cayman S is wonderful. In fact, it is SO wonderful that you can’t really discover how wonderful it is without really risking your license. The Miata? It’s joys become apparent under totally normal circumstances.

      All that, and it’s reliable. Parts are cheap, not that you need many of them. Thanks Mazda!

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    I <3 Miatas. You can put two adults and two carry-on sized roller bags in either the NB or the NC (although your passenger might have to share his/her seat with a bag)…I haven't done it in an NA. My shibboleth for car guys is the Miata, you don't have to own one, but you do have to appreciate what it is. It's really the perfect car for people who love to drive. It’s practical enough to be a penalty-free daily driver, powerful enough to raise your blood pressure without getting pulled over, and tuned to provide thrills on the backroads and comfort on the highway. Plus, it’s economical to own, operate, and easily maintainable. I hope Mazda never stops making Miatas.

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    Mazda bring Tom Matano and Bob Hall to New York, but they don’t have the new Miata. WHAT? Someone messed up. I hope the food and booze at the presser was at least on time.

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      Yeah, I was kind of wondering if they were going to show the new Miata. The last car was launched as a 2006 so it’s 8 years old. I was hoping 2015 would be new but nooooo!

      I’m a big Miata fan myself having owned a ’94 M-edition and a ’95 R-package. Was going to buy another one recently but couldn’t find anything decent in my range. Something tells me there is more Miatas in my future!

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      Mazda has joined with Fiat to co-produce the new roadster. What does this mean to Mazda fans? The new Miata will de delayed, and delayed, and delayed.

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        Nicholas Weaver

        No, it means that when I drive the S2000 into the ground, I’ll be able to buy an Alfa Romeo Spyder that is a Miata under the skin.

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          Nope. Marchionne announced last month that the shared platform with Mazda will be branded as a Fiat not as an Alfa Romeo. (Afterall, what’s in a name?)

          The Alfa Romeo roadster will be a drop top version of the new 4C. (Probably. Maybe. Perhaps.)

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    The Larz Anderson auto museum near Boston(US) is hosting its annual Miata Day lawn show this year on June 29. It is one of 24 weekend lawn shows on their schedule during 2014 and if past attendance is repeated, there’ll be 75-100 cars expected. British Car Day, which can see 175-200 Miata wannabe’s, is the weekend before.

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    Big Al from Oz

    I’m not a big MX-5/Miata fan.

    I always thought the MR2 from Toyota was nice.

    I wonder why Toyota/Scion/Scubee Do built the BRZ thing, when they could have built another MR2 mid engine style vehicle.

    If you are going to manufacture a toy, then make the toy worthwhile.

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      Big Al,

      In the case of the MR2 Spyder(if that’s the model you’re referring to)it was probably a numbers game. Everyone who was in the inexpensive mid-engine two-seater buying demographic already bought in, and Toyota couldn’t divert others from selecting the Miata. Same with the lamented Mercury/Mazda Capri. As for the BRZ/FR-S, it’s a fixedhead/coupe, and that alone means a bigger market than for roadsters, and the fact that engineering costs are split between Subaru and Toyota mean more profit from the same sales numbers, and this model might even sell more than the MR2/Spyder. If it were me, I’d thank Toyota for bringing out the MR2/Spyder for the limited time that they did.

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      Matt Foley

      Why is a 2200-lb MR2 with 112 hp “nice,” but a 2200-lb Miata with 116 hp is a “toy”?

      I find there are only three kinds of guys who don’t like Miatas:

      1) Guys who are too tall to fit in a Miata.
      2) Guys who are too fat to fit in a Miata.
      3) Guys who need a giant vehicle to compensate for their “shortcomings.”

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        I’m sure I’ve used the word “petite” in a crack at miata drivers. Haven’t checked to see if MR2Spyder’s have enough headroom (its said to be good, but I have a freakishly long torso).

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    Someone needs to open the hood and pull on the upper edges of the headlight doors a bit, get that hood flush. Looking forward to seeing if the new one really is light and not bloated (how the hell is a Cruze/Focus 3200 lbs? And they still poor rear headroom). Newish owner of a turbo’d 92 here. It seems Mazda fixed its rust issues around 2008, or maybe those cars are still too new. Anyone with a newer Mazda have the wheel well rust? My 2003 Protege has holes in it.

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    I have wondered why Mazda never made a coupe or hatchback version of the Miata. Perhaps it is a matter of high development costs and relatively low market potential and the manufacturing direction had to be convertible or coupe, but not both. BMW did it for a few years with the Z3 and Z4, and so did Pontiac for a very brief time with the Solstice.

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      Agree, plus someone above stated there should be a shooting brake Miata or at the very least a Miata hatch. There is a conversion kit out there but I’ve never seen one in the flesh. I’m not a fan of convertibles but a Miata hatch would all kinds of awesome. Or maybe Nissan could just make a lighter version of my Z.

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