Beijing 2014: Lexus NX Unveiled With Turbo, Hybrid Drivetrains

Ronnie Schreiber
by Ronnie Schreiber
beijing 2014 lexus nx unveiled with turbo hybrid drivetrains

American consumers will have their choice of two different engine combinations when the Lexus NX debuts later this year, but world markets will get an extra option.

In the United States, a 2.0L 237 horsepower turbocharged 4-cylinder will be available, along with a 2.5L 4-cylinder hybrid making 194 horsepower. The turbo engine (which is rumored to be going in the IS250) will be mated to a 6-speed automatic, while the hybrid engine will use a similar set-up to the RX Hybrid in all-wheel drive versions (front drive versions of both engines will also be available).

Slotting in between the BMW X1 and X3, Lexus expects to move about 24,600 units annually. Despite its smaller size outside, the NX offers just half an inch less rear-seat leg room and nearly an inch less in cargo area length, according to Automotive News. One source noted that Lexus may be too conservative regarding U.S. volumes, but that demand in other markets, where prices are higher, could eat into U.S. allocations.

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  • Superdessucke Superdessucke on Apr 22, 2014

    Another waste (of a lot) of space on America's roads.

  • APaGttH APaGttH on Apr 22, 2014

    Holy high belt line! That is Camaro/Challenger grade.

  • ExPatBrit ExPatBrit on Apr 22, 2014

    Not sure about the front end styling, but this would be a better candidate for replacing our RX300 in the future. The RX 350 is just too big.

    • Carfan94 Carfan94 on Apr 23, 2014

      If I had the money I would seriously consider this. I love it, but i'm afraid it would be too small for me (and my dog). The RX 350 is just perfect size not too big not too small and would be a more suitable replacement for my XC90.

  • BigWill BigWill on Apr 23, 2014

    "... but world markets will get an extra option." Unless I'm suffering a reading comprehension fail, this extra option ain't listed up there. That said, China and Russia can get a non-turbo 2.0l four in their NXs.