I Know You'll Be Excited By Yet Another Article About The FT86

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth
i know you ll be excited by yet another article about the ft86

As part of a partnership with the nice people at Road&Track, I’ll be writing an opinion piece for them once a week. Because, you know, I have opinions. Today’s rant recaps my attempt to help a friend buy an FR-S. Check it out. And before anybody asks — I stole the above photo from the R&T website, but it’s okay, because I’m the one driving.*

*It’s still not okay, probably.

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  • Josh McCullough Josh McCullough on Mar 07, 2014

    Jesus. Tell me which dealerships you went to, so I can avoid them forever. They were at 270/Sawmill, weren't they?

  • Tedward Tedward on Mar 07, 2014

    I'm not surprised at all that the Toyota sales guy was ill equipped to handle an FR-S customer. What bothers me is that the Subie rep was a total incompetent. This is the company that sells the WRX and STI! At the same time! For that much money! What do they do when those customers come in? I've dealt with a lot of dealerships and there are only two common threads I've seen that lead to good sales staff. They are 1)a low percentage of income derived from commission, and 2)a sales manager who is an enthusiast. #2 is more important in my opinion, the enthusiast won't tolerate ignorant staff unless they get stellar numbers, and that doesn't happen unless they are an awesome person to talk to (hence, no problem even if not really knowledgable.)

    • Dal20402 Dal20402 on Mar 08, 2014

      I bought a Forester about a year ago from a very good salesman (Dave Wheeler at Carter Subaru in Shoreline, WA). He wasn't that knowledgeable about the product, but he was a nice guy and very upfront -- no b.s. We talked a bit about that. For every performance Subie he sells, he sells 20 Outbacks or Foresters. Performance is just not the bread and butter of Subaru's business.

  • Mnm4ever Mnm4ever on Mar 07, 2014

    Funny article but I have had the same experience with any kind of car, sports car or not. There are a lot of salesman that simply don't want to know about cars, they want to make the quickest, easiest sale. If they think you are wasting their time they cut bait and move on. Sure, I have met some good ones, enthusiasts who just like cars, or professionals who take their job seriously, and they are a pleasure to deal with. But its a transient job, and sale in general is about 80/20 for morons to good guys, why should car sales be any different. Two of our three local Subaru dealers LOVE the BRZ, the third I think doesn't even know what it is. The local Toyota/Scion dealer I went to had a sales guy much like yours, knew nothing about the car, or any car, and didn't even seem interested in showing us any of them. But the more dedicated Scion dealer in Tampa was very proud of it and very knowledgeable.

  • Sastexan Sastexan on Mar 07, 2014

    Great article as usual, Jack, but the headline is completely misleading (on TTAC; the R&T headline is on point). The article primary subject is the salespeople and process; the Toyobaru has a minor plotline. Also, despite you harassing your buddy about the Accord being faster, I'm pretty sure that you have said in your writings that ultimate speed is but a minor issue in a vehicle. Maybe it was your piece on taking the Camry rental to Summit Point? Also, like a few others have said, the Toyobaru lower-than-expected sales projections are in Europe, not here in los Estados Unidos. That statement might get you a few more clicks but it does degrade your journalistic (blogolistic?) integrity. I am one of the few (maybe not in this crowd) who enjoys battling with the salespeople, lecturing them how they don't know the product they are trying to sell at all. I still don't understand how anyone can be successful in sales and be clueless to their product (and customer), but that seems to be the preponderance of car salespeople.

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    • Sastexan Sastexan on Mar 08, 2014

      @koshchei The article really is not about the FT86 - it is about his friend car shopping and the worthless car salesman they met. Yes, the car plays a role as a niche product, but his buddy could have been set on a Chevy SS (salesman says - I can get you in an Impala at a lower rate and today only, the 2LT is half off!), Fiesta ST (I got a few of 'dem Fusions in every color, and it got that same fancy turrr-bow charged motor!), or Audi TT (we have some very nice A4 and A5 that for the same price, have a back seat and a better lease rate). That was my only point about the headline.